Emotional Eating Consequences

Posted by Johny Deanes on November 6th, 2015

Are you trying to lose weight but your efforts are useless? Do you keep a diet for a few days but when you feel stressed or sad you forget all about it and start eating everything you find? People who use food as a means of distraction from their thoughts or feelings clearly suffer from Emotional eating. Food addiction can be overcome but you should take things slowly and learn from the best.

Emotional eaters are not aware of the fact that they have a problem most of the times. Food thoughts enable them to forget about the things they want to avoid and food becomes a distraction. Food offers them relief from the problems that bother them even if this relief does not last long. Emotional eating can be overcome provided you are aware of it and you learn how to control it. People use food as a defense against the situations they have to deal with and this is a very unhealthy habit.

By focusing on food they forget about the stress, about the sadness, about the things that bother them. Food thoughts enable them to disconnect from their emotions and they turn into a habit, a very dangerous one. This habit becomes an addiction because it works but the frustrating thing is that it has many negative consequences. There is nothing healthy about Food addiction and once you go down this road it will not be easy for you to recover. When we eat for the wrong reasons we end up feeling guilty about what we are doing and this leads to more eating.

The problem with Emotional eating is that it does not stop unless you decide to do something about it. The first step is to admit that you have a problem and to look for a solution that really works. Fortunately nowadays you can turn to the Internet for information and with a quick search online you will come across many useful details that will help you deal with this problem. Why do we use food to regulate the way we feel? Most people are obsessed with having an ideal body weight and shape and when they cannot achieve this objective they turn to food.

Food addiction is the result of chronic dieting and the lack of results, of unlimited access to all sorts of unhealthy foods. Food plays a nurturing role for most people, it becomes like a drug and there are many persons who fight it a lifetime. The sooner you admit that you have a problem and you address it the better. This will help you avoid developing a severe eating disorder. You have the power to change your eating habits, you and not anyone else. Regardless of how difficult this might sound, it can be achieved. What you don’t know is that all the persons that are trying to lose weight have a blocker and they will start to lose weight only after they identify this blocker.

Food addiction will continue to be a problem unless you do something about it. You can start by recognizing that you have a problem and by searching for an adequate solution and sticking to it. There will be days when you will give up and eat more than you should but there will also be days when you will succeed.

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