Tips for Choosing High Quality Material for Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Posted by Lee Manheim on November 6th, 2015

Elastomeric coating is an effective way to resolve leaks. 'Elastomeric' pertains to the elastic properties of the coating, which is specifically formulated to address the stretching that tends to happen when it is hot, especially in the summer. The elastic properties enable the coating to return to its original shape without damaging the roof. Commercial roofers recommend elastomeric roof coatings due to its reflective coloring and durability. Unlike conventional paint, elastomeric coatings can be liberally applied on the roof to maximize durability and water resistance. Here are tips to choosing a high-quality material for elastomeric roof coatings.

  • Look for a versatile product that can be applied to all types of commercial roofs – High-quality elastomeric coatings can be applied to metal, foam, single-ply, or asphalt.
  • Learn how it is applied – Choose elastomeric roof coatings with a straightforward application, but make sure it can be applied in various ways, like with a roller, brush, or by spray.
  • Determine the level elasticity – High-quality elastomeric coatings must be able to stretch and recover with ease. Coating that moves with temperature changes can resist cracking. Look for greater elongation properties when comparing elastomeric roof coatings. Moreover, look up for the tensile strength, which determines the material's ability to hold and resist breaking.
  • Check the perm factor and moisture gain by weight – Perm factor pertains to the moisture that passes through the coating. It is determined by numbers, with lower numbers being better than higher ones. Hence, look for a lower number to ensure superior moisture resistance. Remember to check the coating's ability to absorb versus repel water, too. This will be crucial for long-term protection on the roof. Choose an elastomeric roof coating that can repel water rather than absorb, which can hasten deterioration and aging.
  • Examine the tear resistance and peel adhesion – Look for a product that has high tear strength to withstand defects caused by foot traffic and roof movement. Make sure that the coating system can remain adhered, even when exposed to adverse conditions.
  • Go for an environmentally friendly elastomeric roof coating – Consider a reflective and cool roof surface that can help reduce your cooling costs. This type of surface can minimize the need to frequently maintain the roof and prevent premature roof failure, which is typically caused by thermal shock and UV damage.
  • Consult with professional roofers – Look for a reputable full service commercial roof company that specializes in commercial roof replacement and repair.

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