How to choose profession in World of Warcraft Classic TBC

Posted by annesmith0117 on June 1st, 2021

In the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic TBC, Professors is a very important content. Whether your goal is to make gold, create unique equipment, bring powerful consumables, or other completely different things, you can find the right profession from TBC to help you experience more fun in the game.

During the journey through Outland in WoW Classic TBC, you will encounter many herbs, and you will be able to sell them at a favorable price because they are necessary to make many useful items. Although Black Lotus is all the rage in WoW Classic, every herb in TBC has a chance to get Fel Lotus, so your goal should be a wider range of herbs. Moreover, Herbalism is best used in conjunction with the alchemy in WoW Classic TBC, directly using herbs for important consumables.

Jewelcrafting is a brand new TBC Classic Gold profession introduced by WoW Classic TBC, which will provide powerful rewards for equipment with gem slots. Jewelcrafting can not only enhance your best equipment, but also make powerful rings, necklaces, trinkets and other equipment. In WoW Classic TBC, if you match Jewelcrafting with Mining, you will be able to explore ore for your materials because they are the best match.

Leatherworking is completely centered on Battle Drums, and it will become one of the most controversial professions in WoW Classic TBC. These Drums can be used to give party members a lot of gain, which is very useful in PVE scenarios. However, Leatherworking drums have been weakened from their original form, adding a debuff effect, which will make them less dominant. Therefore, players can freely choose occupations other than Leatherworking, and can still carry out raids at the competitive level.

However, if you want additional advantages, you can use Leatherworking and these Drums to enhance your team. In addition to Drums, Leatherworking is a great way to make some important early equipment to promote your numbers in Phase 1 and other important items with longer lasting impact. Although Production professions are usually not good at making money, but with Skinning, you can make some important items.

Mining is a collection profession in WoW Classic TBC. Like Herbalism, it can be perfectly combined with any profession. Mining is a great way to earn extra income when leveling up, and can help promote several other professions such as Blacksmithing, Engineering, and the new Jewelcrafting. Although once all players reach the level 70 mark, earning money through Mining will be very competitive, but it helps to fuel some important professions and keep them relevant throughout the WoW Classic TBC. If you combine Mining with forging, engineering or jewelry processing, you will gain the greatest influence.

The simplest collection class in Burning Crusade Classic is Skinning. It is very useful and simple, but it may not generate a lot of money on its own. This is because for Skinning, resources are by your side, and you can get some extra value by picking up and killing various beast mobs. Of course, Skinning is the best match with Leatherworking, but most people will use it as an extra loot for beasts below level 70, and then use it for the more important career of the WoW Classic TBC final game.

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