Will Swtor KotFE Have Longest to Keep Players until New Chapters Release?

Posted by gracedashen on November 7th, 2015

Knights of the Fallen Empire is the latest expansion for Star War: the Old Republic.Swtor2credits.com is the best place to buy swtor credits, Swtor2credits.com offers the safe and fast Swtor service, such as Swtor Credits, Swtor Power Leveling and Swtor guide. It is filled to the brim with features such as new storylines, updated companion system, solo mode flashpoints and much more. However, with only nine chapters available now and no new flashpoint provided, it is still a concern that will it have the longevity needed to keep players interested until next year.

kotfe flashpoint &operation changes gives fresh experience

Bioware really knows how to create content that always feels fresh and new. While giving you back everything you loved from Knight of the Old Republic from the brilliant story, they also made many changes on varying systems. Among all changes, the flashpoint and operation overhaul would be the main focus for most of swtor players. 
Without any new addition in the current chapters, Flashpoints and Operations have been updated. New solo modes flashpoints are available to make swtor more playable. With new level sync system, it adjusts your level to ensure that you're experiencing the content at the difficulty level intended. So you can do it by your own without being limited by strength and level gaps. Besides, all flashpoints will also have their HMs scaled to the new level cap (65) and will be in the group finder. As for Operations, you can get new aesthetic rewards for all of the available OPs. Similar to the flashpoints, all operations will be scaled up to the new cap of 65.

No new flashpoint provided until new chapters release in 2016

With varying updates on flashpoints and operations, it is also where I think we are going to be encountering a major issue. Once you have completed all these contents you're faced with a wall. There won't be any new flashpoints until Star Fortress flahpoint releases in reminder chapters next year. If you've complete the first nine chapters, you will get to challenge yourself by doing the same thing over and over. While it's fun the first few times, it is never interesting doing the same thing multiple times. OK, there are still people who enjoy this type of content, but repetitiveness just isn't enjoyable anymore, especially when we're talking about a game that's based in a massive world that should offer so much more than doing the same contents multiple times. This is where I fear this expansion might not have the longevity it needs to keep players entertained and playing until the next chapters are released.

Let's hope that Bioware will start adding in the nuances that truly make the expansion more playable. KotFE is a great expansion. There are so many features being implemented in it that make it worth subscription and cheap swtor credits. A recommendation for you is don't rush through but rather savor the stories. Just buy swtor credits on Swtor2credits and complete the content slowly to enjoy every aspect.

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