With An Automated Fare Collection System, Operational Cost Is Greatly Reduced

Posted by Indrayani Pande on June 1st, 2021

An automated fare collection system is simply the collection of mechanical components that automate the manual ticketing system of any public transportation system - whether it's an overhead electric railway a bus system or a train system. Such an automated fare collection system can either be operated by autonomous machines or by humans. Most recent automated fare collection systems can collect and calculate fares electronically. They do this by scanning tickets or by responding to requests for additional information like trip duration and number of seats available.

Another benefit is that an automated fare collection system allows for an improvement in safety and security measures for mass transit systems. Electronic ticketing has been shown to reduce the incidence of theft and other fraud as it eliminates the need for physical access and human error. Electronic payment systems also provide security measures by requiring authorized personnel to swipe a contactless smart card or a standard credit card. These systems can track all transactions made and can instantly alert operators if any unauthorized transactions are detected. Since electronic ticketing does not allow for the mishandling of cash, it reduces the risks of pilferage and theft.

With an automated fare collection system for buses, operators can immediately see who has won a seat and then issue a ticket directly to that person. This is especially helpful when an operator is making a pickup call while at the airport or terminal. The operator will know that the passenger is at the correct destination since he or she will be visible on the screen. If the passenger does not have a suitable transfer ticket, the operator can simply issue a single transfer ticket. If multiple passengers need to be picked up, the operator can issue several transfer tickets to each passenger.


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