Learn Teen Patti's Rules to Play Online and Gain Real Money

Posted by Real Money Gaming India on June 1st, 2021

Have you played Teen Patti before?

Teen Patti is a traditional card game that evolved in South East Asia. With the growth of casinos, Teen Patti has become highly popular. 

We can now play the real Teen Patti game online using our smart gadgets. It is essentially a game that involves three to six players. 

We can play Teen Patti online with 52 cards, and the game does not include Joker. We will walk you through the basic rules of the game to gain real money.

The game starts after placing the first bet in the pot. It is where we have to keep our stakes. 

After that, the dealer will provide three cards to each of the players with their faces down. A real Teen Patti game will proceed in a clockwise direction. During the game, the players have three options. They include:

  1. Making a call: - Here, the player does not place a bet. But, the person would continue to play the game.

  2. Raise: - Here, the player will place a bet, which will be the same or greater than the current stake. Remember that in online Teen Patti, we can place bets as two coins and four coins.

  3. Fold: - Here, the player forfeits the bet and leaves the game.

These are the three main things to remember while you play Teen Patti online. Here are the other main rules to consider while engaging in real Teen Patti games.

Playing Seen or Blind

Once the game starts, each player can either opt to play seen or blind in online Teen Patti. When we decide to play, we can see our cards. It will help us understand the type of cards we possess.

While playing blind, we will always have the option to view the cards anytime during the game.

Here are a few things to focus on while placing bets when playing the game on Teen Patti sites.

Playing blind

  1. If the person before you plays seen, it is best to bet either half or the same amount as the stake.

  2. If the person plays blind, you can either place the same or twice the amount.

Playing seen

  1. If the person before you plays, you can either place the same or twice the amount.

  2. If the person plays blind, it is best to bet two or four times the stake's amount.

Card rankings in Teen Patti online games

Card ranking is a factor that affects our online Teen Patti game while playing on Teen Patti sites. There are mainly six of them. Here, we will discuss them from the ones with the highest priority to the lowest.

  1. Trail: It includes cards of the same rank. Here, a group of three aces have the highest ranking. Three kings and three queens have the second and third importance. Finally, three cards of two have the lowest position.

  2. Pure sequence: It includes cards in the same suit. Here, the highest cards will be a group of A, K, Q. It will be followed by A, 2, 3, and then K, Q, J. Finally, the lowest rank in this type is for cards with 4, 3, and 2.

  3. Sequence: It has cards of three different suits. Here, the highest will be a group of A, K, Q cards. It will be followed by A, 2,3, and then K, Q, J cards. Finally, the lowest rank is for cards with 4, 3, 2.

  4. Colour: Here, it refers to the cards that have the same colour. Here, sequencing is not necessary. The highest cards are A, K, J. Then, we have A, J, 6 and 10, 7, 4 cards. Finally, we have the cards with the lowest rank, and it is 5, 3, 2.

  5. Pair: Here, there will be two cards with the same rank, and those who have the highest value can win the bet. Here, the highest cards are A, A, K, followed by A, A, Q and then K, K, Q. Finally, we have 5, 3, 2 cards together as the lowest ranking ones.

  6. High Card: Here, the card will not pertain to a sequence or suit. But, there would be two cards with the same ranking. The highest cards are A, K, J, and then A, 5, 6, and K, J, 10, cards. Finally, the lowest cards are 5, 3, 2.

When you play Teen Patti online, it is essential to obtain these cards to enhance your odds of winning real cash.


When you opt for the show option in a real Teen Patti game, the player can compare the card with the other player. However, it is possible if only two players are remaining in the game.

Playing Blind

  1. If your opponent is also playing blind, you have to place a bet equal to your current stake for the show option.

  2. If the other player plays seen, you can bet an amount half of the current stake.

Playing seen

  1. If the other player plays seen, you can place a bet that is twice the current stake.

  2. If the opposing player plays blind, you can bet the same amount as the current stake.

Here, the player with the highest cards will win the bet at online Teen Patti.

By following these rules while you play Teen Patti online on Teen Patti sites, you can make real cash.

So, why not play online Teen Patti now?

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