Cartier diamond rings how much money

Posted by jewelrybrand on November 7th, 2015

Cartier was praised as “the Emperor‘s Jewelers, jeweler‘s Emperor“, Cartierring price is of course a lot of money. Cartier diamond ring 18K yellow gold, rose gold and white gold material, there are Platinum material, while Cartier diamond rings are wide and narrow versions of the two; Cartier diamond ring without drilling, take a drill, with more than three drills, set with drill … … So, depending on the different styles and colors,whether diamonds have a different price.

Cartier Lanieres Wedding Band Ring, 18k Pink Gold Set With DiamondsCartier Happy Birthday Wedding Band Ring, White Gold with Diamonds

Which Cartier of ring price main by Diamond of price to set of, and diamond of price positioning to from Diamond of “4C” standard to set, that weight (Carat), and net degrees (Clarity), and cut (Cut) and the color (Color), “4C” in domestic, and international of identification standard consistent, Diamond of price should is very transparent, but a star high quality of 1 carats of diamond, from original of volcanic side mining out, to rendering in bride of ring finger Shang, Increases several times the price (priceincreases affect the wedding ring of smaller diamonds cost more).
Loose diamonds by 30 points, for example, if the color I-J-level, net of VSlevel, cut fine, loose diamond price about 3500-4200 drill is smaller everyminute and the price is cheaper, more every minute and the higher the price;in addition, color and clarity if the standard is high, the price gap ateach level is amazing.
Cartier boutiques around the world, every 10 minutes or so the coupledecided to buy Cartier ring and ring. Their choice is a product of thejeweler‘s Emperor diamond selection for excellence and tireless pursuit ofdiamonds. As the first Platinum used in the diamond jewelry business, shealways chooses the top diamonds, diamond stocks all over the world can meether standards, only 2% diamond, and after the secondary screening, less thanone-fifth of diamonds for their use. This is Cartier, has moments, and spoilthe feeling of happiness also felt.
Now you know what Cartier diamond ring prices, select Cartier diamond ringmake sure you purchase, you want to choose your own to suit your style.Major issues of budget is to buy a diamond ring! Prepare for a ring and how much money and still want to make good plans.

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