Why Choose LED Lights For Indoor Garden!

Posted by EmerySavers on November 8th, 2015

Though the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) has been around since the beginnings of 1960, with the recent improvements in production infrastructure and technology, LEDs now have an expanded use and are being used in various consumer and commercial lighting applications and one common use nowadays is using them as grow lights in the indoor garden.

The latest grow light technology has been of great interest for indoor gardening. Initially, people were not able to make their own indoor garden as special lights such as Metal Halide (MH), High Pressure Sodium (HPS), and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. Though these types of lights are really effective for indoor horticulture, they could be really expensive, heavy and might take too much power. Grow Lights Online

Let’s see why LEDs are a more preferred option.

Lightweight and convenient: Unlike the metal halides, high intensity discharge and other lamps, with LED grow lights, the use of ballasts that were required to regulate the flow of current in the gas discharge systems can be eliminated. The grow lights don’t even need to use bulky reflectors for focus light scatter unlike the conventional bulbs. For using these grow lights, one doesn’t need special LED fixtures or assistance of advanced tradesman to mount them. Thus LED lights are much lighter and easier to use in the indoor garden arrays where the lights need to be adjusted periodically to accommodate growth of plants.

Cost effective and energy efficient: Another essential advantage of LED lights is they are very energy efficient. LED lights consume much less electricity per unit of light produced when compared to the fluorescent or incandescent bulbs and one can save the energy costs up to 80 percent with these lights. As LED lights do not produce excessive waste heat, there is no need for elaborate ventilation systems, especially when the indoor gardens are enclosed.

Spectral qualities: With latest LED light technology, the lights emit a broader spectrum of light when compared to the other artificial lighting sources that have been invented so far. Even the plants respond in a better way to wider spectrum that the LED lights offer. It provides a full range of the spectrum starting from blue of short wavelength that promote early plant growth to oranges and reds of longer wavelength that might be required for maturing of flowers and the stage of fruiting.

The most expensive aspect of the indoor growth is the power that the indoor grow lights take and how the growing area can be cooled down. As the other options of lights for indoor plant growing take much more energy and generate a lot of heat, the cost of running them is much more than those of the LED light. led grow panel

One can buy these grow lights online or from local stores. These lights come in several shapes. However, ensure that you choose a reputed manufacturer as some of the grow light companies claim a lot of false things about their products just to sell them. Check the credentials and reputation of the company. Read the reviews to know about the performance of the products and their quality. Reputed companies provide a certain guarantee and warranty on their products, so check for this feature too. Check for these essentials and select the best LED grow lights for your indoor garden.

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