The untapped benefits of vitamin C IV infusions from Holistic doctor Sergey

Posted by rubbenmitcchel on November 8th, 2015

By now just about everyone can recite the fundamentals of a nutritionally balanced diet. We understand the need for sensible portions of lean meats, poultry and fish, and larger portions of fresh fruits and vegetables. And we certainly understand the upside: having all the nutrients and vitamins we need to stay strong, healthy and active.

But do we really get all that we actually need from just a balanced diet alone? While traditional medicine may suggest a simple daily supplement in that case, that alone doesn’t always provide the boost and energy we’re after. After all, sometimes our bodies aren’t able to process all the good stuff in a healthy diet.

This is one of the many reasons that so many have sought out an alternative approach such as that offered by respected practitioner Dr. Sergey Kalitenko, MD at his holistic center Anti Aging Doctors Island. His whole-body approach to sound, sensible medicine has led him to recommend going after the root cause of medicinal problems. By finding and properly identifying the core issue, he looks for alternative methods for healing and strengthening the body. One such approach is IV infusions of vitamins and nutrients – particularly that of vitamin C.

IV infusions have long been used as reliable, functional medicine because of the many benefits they offer. By introducing them directly into the blood stream, vitamins, nutrients and even antioxidants can work more quickly and effectively. Through faster absorption, nutrients can hydrate and boost energy levels faster, for example. Plus, by bypassing the liver and digestive system, they work more swiftly at providing real results.

High doses of vitamin C are frequently used to help cancer patients and sufferers of other chronic conditions. The IV infusion has proven itself as an ideal delivery system in these cases. Vitamin C has been studied as a treatment for cancer patients since the 1970s, according to the National Cancer Institute. Studies suggest that higher doses of Vitamin C may slow the growth of cancer cells in the prostate, liver, pancreas and colon. Bioidentical Hormones New York Improvements have also been tracked in additional studies where cancer patients were given higher levels of Vitamin C, which was shown to help alleviate such symptoms as fatigue, vomiting, nausea and loss of appetite. The same promising results were also seen when combining the IV infusions with chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

The tangible benefits of vitamin C IV infusions to improve certain medical conditions have been repeatedly shown in clinical trials and laboratory studies. Additionally, vitamin C can be enriched using other vitamins, nutrients and even amino acids. Be sure to consult your primary physician to determine if this or any other medical treatment is an appropriate course of action for you.

Contact Dr. Kalentko at either his office in Brooklyn (718-382-9200) or Great Neck (516-467-0253) to learn more about IV vitamin C infusions. As one of the most respected Long Island holistic providers, Dr. Kaltenko brings a long and proven record in alternative holistic medicine.

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