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Posted by Ellen Greyson on November 8th, 2015

Wi-Fi is now available almost everywhere. As we spend a large amount of time online, it is not surprising that businesses are trying to find ways to increase their returns on investment by providing free Wi-Fi to the customers. The best solution for all these owners to get what they want for their business is Social Wifi. You must be wondering exactly is this?

This is a kind of Wi-Fi service which converts the traditional Wi-Fi into a tool for engaging customers that can be used to enhance and improve customer experience. The business owners get everything in this kind of Wi-Fi starting from opportunities for marketing to the other information analysis of the customers. Though there are several benefits of free Wi-Fi, using social wifi for hotels, cafes, public places have its own advantages. Some of them are:

Improve your social reach - Once the Wi-Fi is connected to the customers, it directs the customers to the social media page of the brand and only once they like or follow the page, they can get access to free Wi-Fi. The customers get updates about the brand and the products offered by them. Thus, the brand would reach many more people when a customer mentions about it by checking in and updating their status using Restaurant Wifi.

User registration - Instead of simply sharing the password with customers, one can request the details of the customers in the form of a questionnaire. This enables users to go online instantly with the help of their social media account. Thus, owners can get a lot of details about customers, including the demographics, if the users shared it with them.

Benefits for returning customers - When the customers come back, they would get connected to the Wi-Fi automatically and get a personalized message from the brand. Thus, businesses can connect in a better way to the customers and build a strong relationship with this kind of free social Wi-Fi service.

Marketing the business - When relevant details are displayed to the client, they can help in boosting the sales of customer and targeting customers who are already here on the premises! This is one of the best things! Thus, promotional material is displayed on the device when they are at the venue relevant to their interest. Brands can provide details of the upcoming promotions, loyalty programs, etc. to engage the customers and improve their relationship. Apart from displaying advertisements in real time, social Wi-Fi can gather email addresses of the customers too. Then the addresses can be used to add customers to the mailing list and engage customers with customer emails.

Analytics - A lot of useful information about the customers is obtained when they fill forms. This information can be used to find out detailed information about the customers. The percentage of male and female, popular age groups using the products or services, whether the customers are new or repeated and much more informative. All the data can be used to create targeted campaigns for marketing.

Thus, with this kind of free Wi-Fi service, customers get a personalized experience. They not only enable customers to go online, but also associate with people positively. People want to be connected to the internet at all times, no matter what it is shopping, cafe or other events. Free Wi-Fi will attract customers and give them a reason to stay!

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