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Posted by AdrianRocker on November 8th, 2015

MOT tests are conducted on any vehicle that is older than three years. It ensures that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards. It is not permitted legally to use a vehicle that does not have a current MOT test certificate. A nearby Bromley MOT centre should be contacted whenever the time is approaching for an MOT test. Thankfully, MOT in Bromley is conducted by some expert car garages and you can take your vehicle for a pre-MOT inspection.

Any vehicle owners can check the status of their vehicle by contacting DVA Enquiries but the general rules that one must remember are

1. Cars and motorcycles which are three or more years old;
2. Light goods vehicles that are three years old;
3. Trailers and heavy goods vehicles and large passenger carrying vehicles those are one year old and
4. Buses and taxis when they are first used.

You may also check online for verifying the status and accordingly take your vehicle to a Bromley MOT centre. To keep your vehicle road worthy and in full working condition, get it checked by expert mechanics before the test. MOT in Bromley garages have a pool of qualified engineers that make your vehicle ready for the test. They will also ensure that the exterior and interior and also the underparts of your vehicle are properly cleaned so that the examiner accepts the car for MOT. Though it is possible for anyone to prepare the vehicle for the test it is always advisable to get it checked by qualified engineers because some inspections may require specialist equipment that are only available at a car garage. Headlight alignment, for example can be done only by the professionals.

Bromley MOT centre you contact has the detailed Vehicle Inspection Manual with them and they would follow that meticulously while checking your vehicle. There are separate manuals for light vehicle, heavy vehicle and motor bicycle. The time you spend on preparing your vehicle for an MOT in Bromley will save you from the hassle of bringing your car for MOT re-test if it fails the first time. You will also be saved from the trouble and extra cost of bringing the car again. You will be surprised to know that almost twenty per cent of MOT failures are caused often due to a dead bulb.

Your Bromley MOT centre engineers are well aware of the fact that some brake light and indicator bulbs come with a colour coating that starts to peel off as it gets old. This leads to a MOT failure because the bulb starts shining white. When you bring your vehicle to the MOT in Bromley garage they check for the colour of the light and also the working condition of the bulb and the light fittings to check that there are no cracks or damage. Once you find a trustworthy and expert car garage in Bromley you can be sure of clearing the MOT test on the first go as every minute section will be checked and rectified as per the set standard.

Bromley MOT centre should be your trusted partner to keep your vehicle safe for the roads. MOT in Bromley is conducted by quite a few nearby garages.

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