Dog Clothing: How To Buy Fashion Clothing & Accessories For Small Dogs

Posted by DirtyFurClothing on November 8th, 2015

A lot of people question why they need to dress up their pets, when their skin is already covered with fur. That’s a good question.  Some people also hesitate to buy special holiday clothing and costumes for their dogson special occasions. Since our furry companions are easily affected by changes in temperature, dog clothing is a necessity if you are to ensure your dog is comfortable at all times. So here are a few ideas for fashion clothing you can purchase for your dog.

Coats are very important and come in various types and styles. For the rainy season, you should get raincoats to protect them from rain. The outer layers of raincoats are waterproof and made of breathable fabric. Adding a reflective strap provides another layer of protection for your pooch.Winter coats will protect your best friend from snow and the elements.  Dog sweaters and jackets are specially designed to use when you’re taking them out in the morning while running or exercising. Usually these come with hoods. If your dog loves outdoor activities, then you must buy dog boots.

They help in protecting their paws from thorns, stones and other possible objects that can cause injury. You love your four-legged companion and want to prevent any hurt or harm to them.  Boots come in various styles, so you can choose your style from online stores easily. Another common piece of fashion apparel for your dog isa t-shirt.  They’re great for summer and comfortable for indoor use. Pair them up with an attractive pair of dog shorts or pajamas. Small Dog Designer Clothes

When you are choosing clothing for your dog, the variety available is overwhelming. So use these tips to buy exactly what you need for your dog.

1. Breed Recommendations: When looking for dog clothes, the first thing that you must check is whether it is suitable for the breed you have. Small Dog Hoodies meant for smaller breeds won’t work for larger breed dogs. So choose accordingly.

2. Style of clothing: Choose dog clothing that suits your dog. While anything you pick for your pet would be welcomed by them, it doesn’t make sense to put something on them that you dislike and doesn’t fit their personality. So choose something stylish that makes your four-legged friends look stylish and good.

3. Fit: Make sure you watch out for the fitting of the clothes. Whether it would be snug or loose? Would it fit your dog if he puts on a little weight? Does he or she have a thick coat?  

Make sure your furry companion is standing straight and measure as follows:
Neck: Measure the neck as you would for a collar.

Length: Measure from the base of the neck (where the collar would sit) to the base of the tail along the dogs back bone (sometimes called the Topline).Remember that every cloth should end up 2-3 inches before the base of the tail to offer proper fitting to the pet.

Chest: Measure right around the body from behind the front legs around the deepest part of your dog’s chest.
If your dog is stouter, has a thick coat, broader chest or is at the maximum measurement for the size listed against the product you may want to go up to the next size for a better fit. Luxury Dog Carriers

4. Laundry and care: Make sure you read instructions related to laundry and care. Can it be thrown in the washing machine or does it need special care? Can it be thrown in the dryer or does it need to be hung for drying. Check the labels and tags and choose materials that are easy for you to take care of.

Occasions: Is there a special occasion and you want your dog to be ready for the occasion too? Then buy dog dresses based on the type of occasion. Whether it is for a wedding or for Christmas or for your favorite game, choose suitable attire. No matter what the occasion, you would easily find dog clothing for all occasions.

So use these tips and buy dog coats online, dog t-shirts, dog pajamas, small dog sweaters, dog jerseys etc. from online stores such as you’re stylish, then your dog deserves to look stylish too.

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