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Principal component analysis is used to express most of the variation in shape in a small number of dimensions that are linear combinations of the partial warps. In other words, PCA helps identify key components of shape variation by reducing the dimensional complexity to determine if there are shape patterns that distinguish patient groups (i.e., pre and post CSF-lowering interventions). The contribution of each dimension (principal component ) is proportional to its variance expressed as a percentage. To detect enamel mineral chemical elements in the debonding surfaces, SEM with X-EDS microanalysis was employed. This test assessed the damage inflicted to the enamel after debonding, being performed in only five teeth of each group . The mechanical shear tests were performed in a universal testing machine adapted that website with a microprocessor, at the Post-Graduation Laboratory of the School of Dentistry - Federal University of Juiz de Fora. For bracket debonding, the shear load values applied were gradually increased. The data obtained from these tests were stored in a computer directly linked to the mechanical testing device. The drop in RNFL thickness between the baseline and post RNFL was statistically significant for all three groups and for each corresponding eye. We also examined how the shape and relative displacement of the ppRPE/BM layer may complement mean RNFL thickness in the diagnosis and management of patients with ICH and papilledema. The measurement and monitoring of ICP are essential in managing patients with ICH and they provide clinically consequential information about the central nervous system. Methods that accurately measure ICP are invasive and use transcranial or lumbar thecal probes or needles that risk hemorrhage or infection. The ease of use, widespread availability, and low risk are advantages. Future studies would need to establish the precise correlation between a given ICP and shape or change in shape in order to estimate ICP from this OCT parameter. Since these samples would supposedly have suffered the greatest enamel damage after the shear test, they would probably allow better visualization of the enamel surface. After individual analysis of the 20 teeth under SEM, all molded samples were found to have microscopic enamel topographic characteristics that were similar within groups. In vivo studies may have several variables which can be minimized byin vitro research protocols performed with standard procedures and variables as limited as possible, thus yielding more representative and amenable-to-comparison results. Nine additional patients met the inclusion criteria for the CSF shunt group ; all were women with a mean age of 30.4 years (range, 21–45 years). Seven of the patients had IIH, one had a history of meningitis, and one had tectal glioma with hydrocephalus. Seven patients underwent primary shunting procedures, and two patients underwent surgery for shunt failure. We provide simple, professional-quality SEO analysis for your website and provide more than 50 SEO tools to help you make your website better. Use Site Score Checker backlink maker to generate backlinks for your website that can help to boost your presence in search engines. Using valid markup that contains no errors is important because syntax errors can make your page difficult for search engines to index. Santos et al17 and Vicente et al21 demonstrated the superiority of Transbond XT® in comparison with glass ionomer cements, with higher bracket adhesive resistance to enamel and higher percentage of fractures in the bracket-adhesive interface. This is the reason why this was the material chosen in this study. This is the reason why only the data referring to calcium were presented in this study. The Brown-Forsythe's test reached 5% statistical significance for calcium. Principal component 3 (5%–14%), not shown in the figures, implied an asymmetric anterior–posterior seesaw deformation, that is, the anterior deformation was skewed nasally to a relatively symmetrical flattening of the temporal and nasal ppRPE/BM layer. The mean age for the 30 normal subjects was 32.5 years (range, 18–54 years), with 20 women. The axial raster images were used to measure the nasal–temporal horizontal diameter of the BMO. Images were enhanced by adjusting brightness and contrast to better visualize the margins of the ppRPE/BM layer. Digitizing semi-landmarks image software (Photoshop; Adobe Systems, San Jose, CA, USA) was used to superimpose a 2500-μm grid on both sides of the basement membrane opening parallel to the flattest segment of the ppRPE/BM layer. The grid was used to position 10 equidistant semi-landmarks on both sides of the BMO for a total of 20 semi-landmarks. We estimated the axial displacement by measuring the change in position of the temporal and nasal margin of the ppRPE/BM layer at the BMO. Line tracings of the ppRPE/BM layer pre and post were first aligned along the borders of the BMO and then superimposed using the outer margins as a reference plane. This measure assumes that the maximum deformation takes place at the central margins of the RPE/BM layer and that the peripheral regions show the least and thus serve as a reference plane. The mean displacement was the average of the nasal and the temporal displacement (see Fig. 4, bottom inset, for an example of how these measurements were obtained). Five teeth from each group were selected for enamel analysis with SEM. The choice was based on the molded samples with the smallest ARI value in each group. Geometric morphometrics was used to analyze the shape of the ppRPE/BM layer imaged on the SD-OCT raster. 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