How Do You Read Hebrew: By Covering the Three Essentials of Language Learning

Posted by tedmark on November 9th, 2015

Israel is not only country  where Hebrew is the language of the people,  and Jews are not the only people who use it. Whether you want to read the Torah scripture, or travel in Israel, there is always a reason to learn the Hebrew langauag To have a good command of the Hebrew language it is important to be able to read and speak Hebrew.  Not only polyglots have the answer as to how do you read Hebrew. With the World Wide Web at your disposal, knowing how to read Hebrew requires persistence.

Learning the Letters

The Internet tutorials are designed to understand  the little nuances of linguistics. The programs usually start with the  alphabet. It is important because without knowing the letters, you will not be able to develop fluency over the language. Hebrew has 22 letters, of which 5 occur in different forms at the end of a word.

Vowels and Sounds

Once you have learnt the  the next step is to learn the vowels.  The vowels in Hebrew however are very different from those in English. Making a reference would be misleading. For instance, Patach and Kamatz, their alphabets are אֵ and אָ respectively. They look the same, and even sound the same, except for the little hyphen at the bottom which makes the slightest difference. Make Reading a Habit

No matter how many times you revise the letters, vowels and consonants in your mind, reading might still turn out to be a challenge. The question is,  how do you read Hebrew. Find out some free time every day when you can run through a couple of pages of Hebrew and you will be reading the language like your mother tongue in no time. Practise makes it easier and that is the only way to develop a command over it. The usage of the letters, grammar, word formation, syntax rules, etc. will get clearer with regular reading.. Also, make sure that you understand fully what you are reading so you can speak like a native. Research well to find some of the best programs available online.

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