What You Need To Know About Legit Android TV Box KODI Add-ONS

Posted by androidcarstereo on November 9th, 2015

In case if you own an Android TV box then installing the KODI app can help you to reap many benefits. It is one of the most reliable media centers that are capable of playing all sorts of media files ranging from BLU-ray definition movies to enjoying songs of different genres over your favorite online radio station.

However, it is absolutely essential for users to know if their Android TV box Kodi has “clean” add-ons. In case, if the system has any add-ons which are malicious then it could prove to be harmful for the functioning of the system

What Kind Of Trouble Are We Talking About?

When it comes to face difficulty with an Android TV box Kodi then it probably stands for two kinds of problems. The first being security issues and the second being copyright problems.

Security-Related Concerns arise when a user installs an add-on on an Android TV box Kodi and the add-on inadvertently starts leaking vital information to external parties. It can either accidentally or unknowingly provide access to outside sources to get control over your device.

A suitable example to match this scenario is add-ons that are equipped with compromised malware. The functions of the whole system are entirely affected when such malware equipped add-ons are installed in a KODI supported Android TV. Some of these vicious malware can even steal log-in information from you Android box. The KODI automatically starts downloading more malicious content whenever you connect your Android box to an internet access point. And the end result shall result in loss of crucial data and disturbing advertisements which continuously block your screen.

On the other hand, Copyright-Related Concerns are when you install add-ons that skirts the boundaries of the law when it comes to intellectual property.

For example, certain add-ons allow you to watch a whole host of movies and TV shows on your Android TV box. KODI add-ons that offer such content often do so without the consent of the content’s creators or distributors. The legality of these add-ons for an KODI TV box vary by country, but they are by the whole considered illegal – meaning you could face hefty fines if you were ever proven to be accessing this content if local laws will crack down on copyright infringement.

So What Can I Do To Avoid Getting Into Trouble?

Let’s start by breaking it down according to the trouble you want to avoid.

For security-related concerns, it is best that you stick to the official KODI repository of add-ons. The developers will have spent a significant amount of time checking and vetting the apps that they offer on their official store, meaning that you are a lot less likely to download an add-on with malware on it.

If you do decide to visit third-party sites to download unofficial add-ons, then having a decent antivirus app is a must. You can use these antivirus apps to scan the contents of the zip files often used to contain the add-ons, and they can help stop an add-on that is trying to install malicious code on your Android TV box. KODI will then be stopped by the antivirus app, and you can delete the add-on before starting KODI once more.

Dealing with copyright-related concerns is a bit simpler, as the dev team behind KODI points to a very useful rule of thumb in this case. If you’re getting something for free that other services charge money for, then chances are you’re accessing content that was not legally obtained.

There are exceptions, such as Crunchyroll or Spotify that offers free but limited content. This is why it is still important that you spend some time Googling whatever add-on you want to install on your Android TV box. KODI add-ons that come pre-installed are no exception, especially when you buy the box second-hand from sites like eBay. Some folks sell TV boxes with pre-installed KODI add-ons that are not entirely legal, with some even advertising the fact as a bonus for potential buyers.

Keep all these in mind and you will be a lot less likely to run into trouble when working with the countless Android TV box KODI add-ons you can find on the Internet.
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