As You Get Your Swimming Pool Ready, Make Sure You Have The Solar Cover Roller T

Posted by Liz Seyi on June 2nd, 2021

The past year, we think we can all agree, has been a rotten one that most of us will happily forget. Now, though, there is finally reason for some genuine positivity. Coronavirus cases are down, many of our old freedoms are being restored, and you might even be preparing your home swimming pool for use during the much-improved weather we’ve begun to see lately. 

It’s all too easy in such circumstances, however, in your rush to jump into your pool, to overlook the importance of all manner of mundane practicalities. And one of those necessities is very much a solar cover roller, otherwise known as a swimming pool reel system. 

A good reel system will greatly ease your stress this summer 

Whether you call them solar cover rollers or reel systems, there can be no question about their importance; these devices enable you to much more easily and swiftly move your pool cover on and off your pool during these months when you’ll probably want to be doing as much swimming as possible. What’s more, they help protect your pool cover and increase its lifespan.

It’s handy, then, that the Pool Warehouse store consists of no shortage of highly regarded pool reel systems from trusted manufacturers like Vagner Pools and Plastica. 

One such option is this Pool Roller designed to be used on pools up to 16ft wide and 32ft long, and incorporating such features as stainless steel end supports, 3” aluminium telescopic poles, large lawn wheels, and hand wheels at both ends – the latter a feature exclusive to Pool Warehouse. 

Or perhaps you like the idea of investing in small or large Plastica Slide N Lock system? The different sizes available for this product allow you to choose the right one for your pool’s width of up to 20ft, and in keeping with its status as a Plastica product, it is a truly top-of-the-range system. Indeed, it has been the go-to market leader among solar cover rollers for more than two decades. 

Alternatively, what about an electric swimming pool reel system? This particular mains-powered option, for instance, can be used on pool widths of up to 16ft, and is operated by remote control. It’s well-suited for use both indoors and outdoors, while auto limits stop the cover where needed. 

We’ve even got all of the important accessories for solar cover rollers!

We realise that when it comes to the various little ‘extras’ and accessories you might require for your own swimming pool reel system, it can be a hassle to have to browse multiple stores. That’s why we aren’t just about solar cover rollers, but also various additional items, not least a broad range of covers for the reel systems themselves. 

Both blue and white Deluxe Reel Covers are available from us, for instance, to shield your reel system from the winter weather once all of the summer fun is over for another year. They’re sized to accommodate a 355mm hand wheel and are manufactured using heavy-duty reinforced PVC fabric, in addition to coming in a variety of sizes to suit reels up to 26ft wide. 

Solar reel covers might not be the most ‘glamorous’ items that you can buy for your home swimming pool, but the crucial role they play in protecting your solar covers and – by extension – your pool should never be understated. 

Browse the Pool Warehouse online store today for the best deals on the industry’s most trusted reel systems and accessories, and you won’t need to look anywhere else.   

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