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Posted by bobbyyoung on June 2nd, 2021

Are you the one who has a plan to enter the highly demanding food supply chain sector? You must have a clear understanding on what the technology blockchain actually is and how it adds advantage to the businesses operating out there in the food supply chain industry. If you don’t know anything about it, then there is no need to worry. Just read this blog till the end and you would come to explore more about it…

Food supply chains contribute the most to the health of humans as we people are very much reliant on the food products to meet our daily survival requirements.Any type of inefficiencies in the supply chains either appropriate to the lack of proper regulations or the unfair competition might result in affecting the quality of our lives directly or indirectly. This in turn will be reported to have enhanced level of safety risks with the food products which we consume every single day. With such a lack of food safety, it would be very much harder for us to achieve a healthy equilibrium in the quality of products that come across the supply chains.

Here is where the high-end food traceability technology comes in to address these challenges in relation to maintaining food safety. Food fraud is a common issue threatening and concerning the industry of supply chains right now and this is what actually that needs to be addressed immediately with utmost care. Else, there might be a lose in production resulting in low efficiency and returns.

What do we mean by food fraud and how it could be prevented?

Food fraud is meant by a collection of activities performed either intentionally or unintentionally to harm out the quality of food products we consume. Those activities involve unwanted addition, substitution, tampering, deliberation, misrepresentation or mislabelling of products that result in the decrease inquality. They are usually done for the sake of some economic gain.

With this misleading trend, the supply chain stakeholders find it difficult to maintain the quality and authenticity of the products they produce and supply up to the mark. By the way, a robust technology has emerged to keep up the quality of products to certain extent as per both the stakeholders’ and the consumers’ wish, which is none other than the technology blockchain.

Blockchain is a complete food traceability solution that helps primarily in tracking and tracing out the history of food products right from their origin to the table. Through blockchain, it is possible for us to retrieve the entire story of the food items that freely move in a complex supply chain system to reach out the end users as the final products.

The details which we can track include the information appropriate to the product production or manufacturing that means who produced the products, from where they originally came from, into which stages they have gone through, how they got travelled in the chain of production to supply, and to what point they would reach out the customers or the end users.

Usually, the supply chains systems are designed and operated in such a way that each and every participant or stakeholder of their network would be holding some sensitive business information and that needs to be kept private and confidential to ensure security with the network operations. Just think of a shared cum protected ledger of information where each and every network participant is allowed to post information or have updates frequently so that everyone of the chain will be made aware of all those sensitive information.

But the thing is that it will be operated always in a highly secure mode unlike a database that holds an admin access to take care of all the managemental and security related aspects in a more professional way. This is what the technology blockchain holds for the supply chain businesses operating out to meet the information security demands.

Managing the record of information in a publicly shared secure blockchain is just the same as that of a multi-tab safe and secure spread sheet holding a vast amount of data or information specifically to meet the varying user demands. By the way, the data across a blockchain network is generally shared among a multitude of network players involved in a product supply chain for the customers to get done with their desired end products of their choice.

Every member belonging to the data network of blockchain is allowed to have his own protected tab over the ledger thus having access to the entire details of the product supply chain flow. Besides the network participants, no unauthorized persons will be allowed to have the network access, as the system is completely made secure. This is how the blockchain helps keeping up the safety of the network.

Credibility of blockchain in meat supply chain:

Blockchain helps out in tracking the entire information about the meat products right from the former to the latter in a value chain which might potentially include the information retrieved from the product producers, packers, distributors, retailers and the consumers. The deadline requirements of each and every stage of the product supply is also been met efficiently by this technology.

The entire product supply procedure here involves sharing the data or information with others in the same network and getting it back at the later and the cycle keeps on going.

Ongoing transformation assured by blockchain in meat supply chain:

‘’Beefing up blockchain to disrupt the entire meat supply chain space’’.

Blockchain technology for beef has now changed the way the meat supply chains work over the years. Yes! It is obvious that there has been a lot of transformations being made in the recent past in the meat supply chains as a sign of beefing up blockchain for better results.

Thus, blockchain is set to transform the whole industry of beef supply chains right to meet the global demand that the meat supply chain industry has brought up. Still, the demand for beef and meet continues to grow right with the rise in global meat production thus pushing up the stakeholders towards finding ways to improve the supply chain efficiencies by meeting the necessary standards.

Blockchain in meat supply chain is one productive way to get into such an enhanced efficiency in meat product supplies these days as it has come out with some advanced features, functionalities and traits set to meet the consumer demands and the industry needs.

Let us take an evidence that with the implementation of blockchain in meat supply chain, the global meat production rate has been risen up to 5% (10.5 million tonnes on an approx) this year compared to the previous academic year. Every year, such a rise in production and efficiency is being observed right from the year with which the technology blockchain was evolved. Also, it is forecasted that the rise will grow further in the future or upcoming years to witness the trend of improved meat supply chains.

On the whole, blockchain has come out to emphasize the need for end – to – end traceability, transparency, safety and quality assurance so that we can move forward easily towards a risk-free product purchase thus resulting in more ethical supply chains coming out. This could in turn makes the overall supply chains trusted and transparent among the user, participant and the consumer communities thus end up generating huge business ROI (return on investments).

So, now think about how advantageous would be building up a reliable blockchain for your beef or meat supply chain venture. Certainly, it seems to be the right idea to make your business go to its next level of improvement in the food industry in no time.

Summing up:

The global food chains require constant updates every now and then since there comes a convergence in three macro trends of the industry including the disruptive business models/ ideas/ plans, change I n consumer behaviours/ needs, and the emergence of variant upcoming technologies.Here is where the technology blockchain finds its importance right in bringing all the needs together to be met on the go with ease.

When it comes to effectual supply chain management, blockchain is a vital technology that plays a crucial role in protecting the food safety right by avoiding the harmful food fraudulence issues.

Blockchain is a technology that is being applied and made use of in almost every facet of the food supply chains and the meat supply chains are no more the exceptions here. Blockchain in meat supply chain is a viable technology to go with for todays’ meat supply chain business owners for getting improved profit ever altogether with high end security. It has virtually come up to address the issues in relation to the supply chains’ lack of security, transparency and traceability thus paving way for a better supply chain future in no time.

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