Some Useful Tips to Change Eye Color

Posted by PARTIK on November 10th, 2015

Nowadays everyone wants to change their eye color. The color of the eye shows the person’s personality, but change has become fashionable because it enhances the appearance of a person. People often not satisfy with their eye color that is why they want to change their color just to look attractive. Now the question arises how to change your eye color and thus there are some methods by which you can change your eye color and become beautiful.

Methods to change eye color

Plenty of methods are used to change eye colors such as contact lenses, laser surgery, and use of natural ingredients and so many more that makes your appearance attractive. You can use colored contact lenses like gray, hazel, blue, etc. and it come in different categories such as opaque, tint, and enhancers. In opaque lenses, as the term is indicating opaque is not transparent, and, therefore, it completely change the eye color. It makes dark eye color bright and blue. It gives very attractive look thus people prefer these lenses more. In tint lenses, these are little transparent, and that is why it apply on light color eyes like brown, blue, etc. so that it can give tint effect to eyes. Enhancer lenses also used for brightening the eye, but it is not preferred by many people.

Next method you can use can have proper diet thereby it make hormones responsive and you can see its effect in eyes means eyes becomes lighter. Or you can wear different colored clothes which bring effect on your eyes and change it to a lighter color. The color of eye changes due to iris pigmentation and when eyes get the effect, the color automatically changes. You can also do make-up for a change of color as it makes an effect on the eye. Lighting also changes the color of the eye as when it starts blinking your eye color starts changing. You can also use diluted honey for eye color change, and it makes eye color lighter. Next method you can do to change eye color is laser surgery in which you get new color contact lenses. Laser surgery is a permanent method so think before getting it done. These are some of the methods you can use to change your eye color.

Facts about iris

You can also change your iris color through iris implant surgery. Iris color is a natural color that you are born with. Common iris color is brown, black, blue, hazel and green. Iris basically shrinks or expands when light enters thus it controls light entering and, therefore, protects eyes from sunlight. Artificial iris implants surgery done with different colors usually on the demand of customers. You can make your eye color gray, sea green, Smokey color, etc. according to your desire. The iris surgery is safe and secure and is painless.

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