Which remy human hair extension changes hairstyle permanently?

Posted by Melinda Rousseff on November 10th, 2015

Wearing a hair extension is considered a hassle because an extension isn’t a permanent solution for haircut problems. You can’t keep wearing an extension for more than a couple of hours and if you try, you will feel pain and pressure on your tresses.

Clip-in extension is for short term use. You need to clip the accessory on your locks and it is done. It will make your short hair look ling and voluminous. But if the extension is kept wearing for long time then you will feel strain on your locks. It hardly matters that your extension is remy human hair as clip-in style isn’t recommended for long time.

What is the permanent solution for hair extension?

Clip-in hair extension is certainly not recommended for long term use hence it isn’t a solution but a sew-in extension is for long term. It is a permanent solution in comparison to clip-in gear. Sew-in style works like a wig and it can be worm for long time even days. A sew-in extension changes haircut completely.

You make a platform of your tresses for sewing in the extension and then you sew in the accessory on your well braided locks. When the extension is perfectly set on your locks, you are done. Only remy human hair extension is visible and not your tresses. The extension hides your locks and in this way makes you free from the worries of getting noticed. You can wear any hairstyle with the help of a sew-in extension.

How a sew-in extension is used?

Use it like a wig. Wear it in a hassle free manner and change your haircut permanently. There is no need to adding more hair to your locks, if your locks aren’t healthy and voluminous. You want to change your hairstyle and you could do it only with the help of a hassle free accessory. But make sure that you use natural hair extension only.

It is easy to wear sew-in remy human hair extension. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes to wear the extension and also you can remove the accessory in five minutes. There will be no problem or hassle in wearing extension. It will sit over your head but will leave ample space for your hair and scalp to breathe. 

When needed, you can touch your hair and scalp from under the extension. Since it gives permanent solution, you won’t need wearing your extension every time you are going out. 

Article Source: - https://medium.com/@VirginHair/things-we-should-know-about-remy-hair-9e71571a4e5d

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