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Posted by Gandhi Shipping on June 2nd, 2021

Your supply chain is only as good as its weakest link, and all too often that weak link ends up being transportation. As consumer demand for affordable goods and fast shipping increases, it is imperative that businesses seek out ever more effective ways to meet consumer needs. Improving transportation times and rates can make a huge difference for businesses and their customers.

Shippers who experience cost or logistics constraints often have to get creative. That’s where combination shipping comes into play. While transporting sea freight can be cheap, shippers often sacrifice the element of speed. On the opposite end of the spectrum, air freight ships are incredibly fast but can also be incredibly costly.

Air and Ocean Export Service offers the benefit of low-cost ocean transport with high-speed air transport. This method of transportation is the ideal match between overall cost savings and reasonable shipping times. Some of the critical factors that you might consider when making a decision.

Air and Ocean Export Service

You need to think about how reliable an option is before selecting it. Reliability can come from the sector as a whole and also from the individual company that you are dealing with. Costs are a critical business concern and rational entrepreneurs tend to take steps to ensure that their costs are as low as possible; certainly lower than their income.

Ocean freight is one of the most requested shipping services utilized by individuals as well as businesses that wish to ship internationally. It represents the most cost-effective way to overcome long distances. Also, one can often benefits from more competitive and cheaper rates.

Maintenance cost of water transport is quite cheaper in contrast with the maintenance cost involved in air and rail transport. This is also one of the main reasons because of which ocean freight charges are not so high..

Heavy and bulky items of shipment can be transported with ease through ocean freight without incurring high costs in transportation, as ocean freight rates are cheap. Airplanes cannot transport bulky items such as machinery, automobile parts, industrial parts etc. and ships can carry all types of heavy items.

While airlines are rapidly utilized today for international shipping, oceans have been for long connecting the global trade markets. Indeed, foreign trade is highly dependent upon ocean shipping.

Ships have a negligible carbon footprint as they consume lesser fuel in comparison to aeroplanes. As they are eco-friendly, large organizations prefer them over other means of transportation. Ships are designed to carry hazardous materials and sensitive cargo safely.

The industry is well-versed in the handling of such goods and has managing, in place to ensure the safety of the vessel, troop, cargo and environment. Cargo loss occur by incidents during transportation is normally fall in as maritime security increases, and has dropped significantly in the past decade. Containers are designed to be sealed and locked during transportation for additional security. Export your cargo safely with highly professional Air and Ocean Export Service.

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