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As the era of instant gratification has emerged, the strategies for branding have changed. The video content is gaining more attention than written content. The written content is important, but relying only on it can become a disadvantage for the business. It is tiresome for potential customers to go through all the textual information on the website or other platforms. On the other hand, videos can convey the information in crisp, creative, and direct manner. Videos are gaining immense popularity they convey a lot of information in a short time. Branding companies have determined the changes in preferences of audience and changing strategies accordingly. The emphasis on video content has been given to reach customers and stand out from competitors while branding. However, it is not an easy thing to strategize videos and spread a word about the brand. There are video concepts that need to be considered while devising branding strategies. Following are some the concepts that should be considered:

1. How-to videos

These videos show how the product or service should be used and how it can bring change in the lives of customers. Though they may not gain immense viewership immediately, but they can be influential in a long-term strategy. It helps brands to showcase their products and services along with how they can make a difference in a direct manner. These videos should talk only about the product. For instance, if the product is a smartphone, the video series must focus on how to perform various functions, how to use it to save time, or how to take advantage of innovative features it offers.

2. Testimonial videos

When a lot of users have used the product, companies can ask them about their feedback and post it in a video format. In addition, they can visit their places and record their feedbacks. When other users are making a decision about a big purchase, they need opinion of those who have used the product or service. Then testimonial videos will help the company to win their confidence through those who already used the product.

3. Interactive videos

These videos are made to allow interactions with viewers. There is information about products or services and a link in the video that will direct users to buy them. In addition, viewers can also choose the ending they would like to view.

4. User-created videos

Similar to testimonial videos, companies can spread the word about their brands through user-created videos. There should be a portion on the website where people can upload the videos regarding the usage of the products and services. Visitors will prefer watching these videos as they connect more with fellow users than a video created for promotional purposes by a company.


5. Prank videos

Pranks are funny. This kind of videos will not be appropriate for all the businesses, but these videos have potential to go viral due to their funny nature and honest reactions of people after discovering it was a prank.

6. Animated videos

With the help of animation, brands can convey a lot of information that cannot be conveyed through a real video. Moreover, animations offer a creative touch to the videos.

7. Vine

These short and crisp 6-second videos are gaining popularity across the world and creative utilization of Vine would help brands in spreading the word.

8. Silent films

The creative and mesmerizing combination of music and images can connect with people’s emotions and feelings. Utilization of silent films will enable connection as well as awareness.

9. Time-lapse

Time-lapse videos are effective to show how a product or service can bring change over time and make a difference in users’ lives. Whether it is about showing how a smartphone battery can last long or how fertilizers can help in growing large number of crops, time-lapse videos are among the best options.

10. Storyline

Telling a short story to promote a brand is always an effective strategy. People like stories and they will be inclined to watch stories more than a promotional video. Engaging potential customers through stories will help brands in connecting people and spread the awareness.

Video content is a must-have strategy to spread awareness about the brand in the age of instant gratification. It conveys a lot of information in a short time. Having video content on a website and other platforms is essential to reach and connect with the customers easily and Kaizen Design Studio will help you in achieving that objective. Being one of the corporate video production company in Pune, it strives to help customers create brand awareness and increase reach through video content.

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