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Posted by goldsafe21 on November 10th, 2015

The 2015 BlizzCon has come to the end. From a round of Q&A's from the community and attendees, the World of Warcraft: Legion has leaked several interesting nuggets of information, including race, guild housing, artifacts, and more. Buy cheap wow gold on Safewow and continue to see details.

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Sub Race would be added into wow plans

Wow players are craving for sub races like Taunka or Dark Iron Dwarves being playable in the future. The dev team is also planning to work on this, but it is difficult to complete, so now the mission is to let players know about the class and the race--the fantasy.

Cross guild chat and guild housing are still long-term hope

Now as more and more wow teams contain members from different servers, an affiliated guild with a cross guild chat would become a need. Warlords and group finder shaped the social situation. It's not something for Legion at launch, but it's something to work from. Besides, as guilds are always important to the social structure (ultimately they're a social structure more than anything else), the dev team indicated that they would like to give people the ability to be in multiple guilds at some point. Well, though it would be a long-term hope, guild-housing and guild quests could be to expect.

Second and third weapon will be obtainable in wow legion

The development team does not want artifacts to be a deterrent for players, making them feel they have to spend much time to grind multiple weapons. In fact, it would be a reward in WOW Legion. With the new expansion, there will be a lot of catch up mechanisms to let players’ second and third weapon catch up to their main quickly. However, players need to decide which relics they will use for artifacts. The Relics will help increase power of the artifact, and these give bonus ranks in traits. It is worth mentioning that Artifacts will get a major upgrade at max level that unlocks a new model. Each weapon can get several different looks and many colors to further customize.

Except for the above highlights, the team also told more surprises. For example, there will be more Tauren lore and Foresaken lore adding into Legion; there will be three specs and even four if you're a druid; and Karazhan be will be appear as a 5-man player dungeon. Amazing right? WoW Legion will release in summer of 2016, but the beta will be accessible soon. If you want to have the first experience in legion invasion, welcome to buy cheap wow gold with save delivery on Safewow.

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