4 Factors That You Need To Consider Before Choosing Android Box Kodi Add-Ons

Posted by androidcarstereo on November 10th, 2015

A power packed Android TV BOX has pre-installed KODI software. This is a great advantage when it comes to choosing add-ons. The right combination of add-ons brings more elements to your Android TV box Kodi.

All the software is of two types-legal and illegal. Illegal software may contain harmful malware that is most likely to hamper the security of your Android TV Box.

So without further ado, here are five of the more dangerous “red flags” you need to be careful of when hunting around for Android TV box KODI add-ons:

Third-Party Add-Ons

A list of all the appropriate add-ons is offered by the KODI development team which greatly reduces the risk of malicious pop ups or harmful content on your Android Box.

If at any point you decide to install add-ons apart from the official list on KODI Android TV box, you are readily giving rise to the risk of malicious content. Malware lets hackers steal your username and password or even gain full control over your device. You need to perform a regular scan, to ensure the security of your device.

Install/Access Permissions

Good antivirus apps will normally scan whatever software you install into your devices, but what happens when you give permission to these devices to install the malware yourself?

The most prominent sign of a harmful add-on is that it will keep on asking permission to send text messages although it is nowhere related to text messaging. At times it may even ask permission to access irrelevant websites and modify necessary Android files. Legal add-ons generally operate within the given authorization and specifications.

Legally Questionable Content

Some Android TV box KODI add-ons offer content that could get you in legal trouble, which is never a good thing when you want to avoid trouble in the first place.

The team behind KODI goes by a simple rule of thumb when it comes to legally questionable content: if you are getting something for free that you would normally have to pay for, chances are you’re accessing illegally obtained content. Some examples include being able to watch recent movies or TV shows for free even when streaming services normally offer these movies or shows for a fee. The legal and practical implications vary by country, but the consequences of accessing legally questionable content will ultimately fall on your shoulders in these cases.

Intrusive Advertisements

You know that you are in deep trouble when your KODI-supported Android TV starts popping up ads all over the place.

As soon as these ads start showing up, you will definitely want to run a factory reset. Most KODI-supported Android TV boxes will let you reset back to the settings when you just opened it out of its packaging. Most Android TV with KODI software will still have KODI after such a factory reset, although reinstalling KODI is a relatively simple affair. Just hook up with an Internet access point, download KODI from the official site (kodi.tv – KODI was rebranded to Kodi with version 14)

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