AI and RPA: What’s the Difference and Which is Best for You?

Posted by Consagous Technologies on June 2nd, 2021

Today, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are the two most successful technologies. These are the best tools for companies when it comes to the accomplishment of apparently conflicting objectives. These objectives could be anything like boosting employee morale and customer delight or reducing costs, etc

Let’s discuss the specific offerings of these technologies and how these are best used. 

Augmenting People with Process Automation - RPA

Robotic Process Automation deals with using specialized bots, for the automation of repetitive and recurring business workflows. These RPA bots are specialized to perform the same task every time. They don’t have the potential to learn from what they perform and also they can’t develop any new improvised way of doing the assigned task on their own. They are more like smart virtual assistants doing repetitive tasks and setting employees free to focus on other valuable tasks. All they need is instructions with maximum effectiveness.

Using RPA solutions for augmenting people will benefit organization with: 

  • Speed - faster completion of tasks.
  • Efficiency - more efficient outputs
  • Accuracy - no human errors
  • Improved morale of employees - can focus more on important tasks
  • Compliance - following the rules precisely
  • Reliability - can keep working round-the-clock, with least delays

RPA solutions are best for automating straightforward workflows but when processes are more complicated, at this point Artificial intelligence can work and take the automation process further.  

Boosting Automation with Artificial Intelligence - AI 

 deal with computing machines that imitate human intelligence processes which include learning, reasoning, and problem-solving with self-corrections. These machines have the ability to acquiring of information, using the information to reach conclusions, and learning from experiences. The general AI applications are - optical character recognition, image recognition, chatbots, voice recognition, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is a technology used to replace human labor and automate the workflows end-to-end. Whereas Robotic Process Automation is used to work in association with employees and automating repetitive mundane tasks. 

AI is capable of using unstructured inputs and develops its improvised logic to perform efficiently. Whereas, RPA is bound to use the utmost structured inputs and logic as well to perform with effectiveness.  

Combining these two smart technologies i.e. RPA and AI can create a truly independent process. Organizations have both structured and unstructured data, many workflows require both the technologies to switch to complete automation of any process. This can also be done to advance the Robotic Process Automation once it has been implemented. 

Enabling End-to-End Automation - RPA + AI

End-to-End automation is the only key to enable the self-service options that customers these days want. 

For instance, consider if a customer wants to open a new bank account. An online account opening service of a bank that is fully automated using Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation will surely result in the next level of customer satisfaction, saving time and efforts. 

The chatbots will guide the customer with the processes along with direct links that will take the customer to the relevant page where he can fill the digital form. After submission of the form, the customer will be guided by another bot for completing the KYC documents verification. An intelligent OCR then analyzes the documents that are scanned and uploaded by the customer. 

Once all the required data is organized, the bot executes the process for opening a new bank account, connecting with the bank’s back-end systems. If the customer data meets the eligibility, the bot automatically sends a welcome message to the customer along with other account information, and credentials.

Consagous - AI and RPA solutions

Consagous Technologies is the best AI Application Development Company in USA and helps you pinpoint the most optimal workflows to automate your operations. We will get you covered with the implementation of the best AI and Machine Learning Development Services and top-class Robotic Process Automation tools. We know that the necessity of automation begins immediately as the companies can ensure compliance, cut costs, increase output, etc.

With success comes the impetus to automate more workflows. With the change in needs and requirements, Consagous helps you grow, bringing all automated processes under one umbrella. Being the best AI & Machine learning service provider, we integrate Robotic Process Automation tools with several AI application development services and technologies like chatbots, OCR, image recognition, algorithms, etc.

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