Most Common Misconceptions About Air Hostesses

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When it is about becoming a flight attendant, not only your struggle starts after you sit for the interview or taking the air hostess training, but you start struggling from the time you have decided. This is one of those very few jobs that has endless numbers of rumors and misconceptions. The perfect looking air hostesses who have dressed perfectly well and get the freedom to travel in some exotic locations, and much adds to the rumors.

Comparatively the job of an air hostess is different than what others can actually imagine. Someone who is an air hostess lives a life that looks luxurious, adventurous, or maybe romantic to some. Well, indeed there are some cool things about the job role, but the reality is far more challenges than what your eyes can watch. You might be living in a misconception but don’t until you have been there.

Remember misconception can keep your blindfolded and sometimes can be disrespectful, but these words should not interfere in your passion.

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Air hostesses are The Qualified Waitresses:   

They appear to wear some of the amazing dresses and wearing those beautiful red lipsticks all the time – undoubtedly, they look luxurious and beautiful. But they are more than just someone looking beautiful and entitled to offer foods and beverages to you.

People need to know that most of the flight attendants spend almost 6 days in their week which is not for one week, but for several weeks to take education from the best air hostess training institute. This not only includes the way you should behave with the customers, but also involve taking medical training as well to handle the emergencies.

Do you know how the CPR is performed? But the air hostesses know as they are also entitled to handle emergencies in the times of need. They will offer knowledge on the way to fasten the seat belts and also the oxygen mask. They are the one to handle responsibilities like the safe but the challenge is to maintain their calm.

They are also the people who are responsible for making a thorough check of the aero place and make sure that they have more than enough supplies for the passengers. They make sure that there is dirt or dust in the space.

Air Hostesses are Dumb:

Well, many people have this to say about the air hostesses that since they are not eligible for anywhere else, they had to work here. This is such a demotivating and wrong notion that people have.

All the air hostesses who are becoming a part of the airlines have to take the air hostess training institute in Kolkata. However, there are again some who prefer to take candidates after they have completed their schooling upon showing the school certificate. If education is a parameter, then flight attendants are probably one of the most educated one. You must be knowing that the selection process of flight attendants is much lengthy than any other as not everyone gets hired. They are probably one of those very few people who gets hired after comprehensive screening.

There are different types of tests that an individual has to go through. Each and every test is required as it plays an essential role in understanding the capability of the people. You are tested on the basis of the mathematics skills, reasoning, language and general knowledge. There will be a group test as well that you have to crack.

Not only customer handling is the part of the flight attendants but also, they are recruited for flight safety, self-defense, taking care of the crew members and making sure everything is in sync.

Air hostesses are single and Young:

This is probably one of the most heard comments about flight attendants. No doubt this is still persisting but the truth is, not everyone is young and single. Even when some airline has the need for single women, because of justified reasons which we will talk about later, not every airline has this issue.

Young girls are mostly chosen because they are energetic and they don’t have family responsibilities unlike a married woman who is a mother. However, if you can assure that you will handle things professionally without letting personal stuff in, you can actually convince them even when they do not employ such candidates.

Taking admission in the air hostess training institute can become a helpful step for the people who have the eagerness to become an air hostess.

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Air hostesses’ parties most of the time:

If this is all you think they do, then you have never had a look at their lives up-close. They have long shifts most of the time due to the delays and demanding passengers which is not at all their mistake. Even when they are paid for the hours, they are on board they have to handle several other duties which are not counted. Since all they do is travel from one place to another, therefore whenever they start getting free, they make time to sleep.

Most of the time you will find these people to sleep. They are some of the most unsocial and deprived creatures who do not take interest in social lives because of their ultra-busy lives. Moreover, it is not possible for everyone to have an organized social life because flight attendants have scheduled. They are not able to spend quality lives like partying any time or being a part of someone’s birthday because of their being extremely busy.

Only the candidates who have recently become a part of this job can enjoy travelling otherwise, after a few years and consistent traveling, it becomes a huge task. So, zero time to enjoy and more time to work. Even when they are taking the air hostess training in Kolkata, they have to spend most of their time and energy on it instead of partying. 

Air hostesses have a Lavish Lifestyle:

Aire hostesses are the ones who are into offering full services to their clients. They generally have no time to hang on the cockpit or can chat in the gallery. There are some days they are offered with huge workload but again there are some other days they might be called off or may be on an off they had to suddenly get dressed due to the unavailability of any team members – so if this is what you say a lavish lifestyle, yes, it is.

However, if lavish means like having cocktails on the seashore, trust me, that’s no less than you daydreaming. Air hostesses have to deal with their needs and wants but only once in a while when they are offered a few vacations, you will be able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Air hostesses have a lot of attitude:

Most of the people have to say that air hostesses have a lot of attitude just because they guide you to fasten the belts or advise you about the oxygen masks but they aren’t doing it because they want to feel like a teacher but they are doing it because they are told to do so. This is for passengers’ safety.

In fact, a flight attendant needs to be emotionally intelligent. They actually are trained to have the knowledge on dealing with passengers. They make sure that everyone has maintained the ultimate safety and they have a safe journey. The training starts from the air hostess institute but attitude is not at all a part of it.

Bottom Line:

When you are willing to become an air hostess, you must be aware that there will be endless misconceptions. All you need is to make sure that you are running straight on your point without paying attention to what others have to say about the job.

Remember the first step is always to take admission in the best air hostess training institute in Kolkata. The trainers and their courses will become a lot helpful in the process. Keep walking on the paths of your dream and start moving higher. 

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