FIFA 16: coin manipulation is increasing

Posted by james bonds on November 11th, 2015

From what I understand, people believe that fifa coin manipulation is increasing the number of coins on the PS side, leading to higher prices. A common theory is that EA has been releasing more special packs than usual to keep the PS prices from going too high, which in turn lowers the Xbox prices, leading to a gap between the two.

Prices will drop around christmas, becouse alot of people will be getting the game for christmas and (many people also have holidays) so alot of pack opening will be going on, in first part of december is the best bet to sell most expensive players i would say

I currently have ~52k and it seems to be enough to buy highly rated players like Falcao and RVP. I'm new to FUT, but these guys seem like they usually go for about twice this. Is it a good idea to buy one of these two and re-sell them to make 100k once the price goes back up? Is this the best way to maximize my profit or should I try to buy up more lower rated players?

So I pulled IF Muller last night effectively which effectively tripled my team value. Im playing with him for a little while because Muller is my boy but fut16coin really want to sell him for maximum profits. Should I wait a few weeks or just do it ASAP before his price decreases as supply keeps growing. I may have F'd up waiting till after this new special packs offer...

Last year i was pretty involved in the TOTY release and market crash, i dont know exactly when the market starts to crash but it should be arround the time EA starts releasing the special XMAS packs. So you should get rid of ALL your players in exactly 1 month! I can also tell that the release of TOTY, last year, the prices were starting to get fifa ultimate team coins, so you should buy before TOTY release, the prices will not go down further, even with the flood of packs! At least that happened last year

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