Solomons General Store Clan Citadel Boosters

Posted by nash john on November 11th, 2015

Reliable site to buy rs 2007 gold prepare for deadman mode by paypal or alipay no confirmation on RSorder.In runescape, Solomon is stocking clan citadel boosters in his store. These items are handy consumables which double the user's XP and resource gain on Clan Citadel plots until the next build tick. So hurry to Solomon's General Store and pick up.

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They are a great way to help out your clan if you are short on time, as it's twice as quick to reach your cap. They're tradeable too, so you can give them to your clanmates if you wish. Note that boosters do not increase your XP/resource cap only the rate at which the cap can be reached.

Head to Solomon's Store to pick up clan citadel boosters today. These cheap and cheery consumables are a great way to use up any spare Loyalty Points or RuneCoins jangling around in your pocket. Why not give them a go?

The followings are the patch notes this week. The Count Draynor outfit no longer has a gap around the waist. Several old models used on bushes south of the Falador Gem Store have been fixed. Several blocked tiles left over from the Falador event in the White Knight castle courtyard have been removed.

The name of the partially degraded wyvern crossbow has been made consistent with the naming convention of similar weapons. Black demons have been added to the Raptor's list of slayer targets for players with 120+ Combat. The Raptor gem will now correctly state how many kills are left when used from the bank inteface.

The missing ivy spots on the Falador city walls have been replaced. The perfect juju fishing potion tool tip now displays the correct information in the Make-+X interface. Players can now mine daeyalt ore with a full inventory containing a stack of daeyalt ore.

Players will no longer win skill outfit head add-ons from Treasure Hunter before they own the relevant head piece. Dominion markers, dominion medallions & hoardstalker rings are no longer destroyed on death. Unlocking the great white shark no longer references the Hero interface.

Here are this week's updates in runescape. Just for consideration, never miss your chances in Runescape.

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