Daily and Monthly Contact Lenses

Posted by Zubair Rashid on June 2nd, 2021

Daily disposable lenses are suitable for one-time use and you can dispose of them at the end of the day. Meanwhile, monthly disposable lenses are appropriate for wear every day for a month. However, the monthly lenses require regular cleaning with lens solution every time you wear them. 

Daily Contact Lenses

Numerous brands offer daily disposable lenses at affordable rates. These contact lenses have a thin material because they are suitable for single use. Also, they are more breathable than other lenses. This feature means that they allow more flow of oxygen to the eye. Besides, you can get them in transparent material for a prescription. Daily disposable lenses are also available in colored options. One of the most famous brands for one-day contact lenses is FreshLook. This brand offers single-use contact lenses in four unique tones. Besides, you can also buy this product at a low Freshlook contact lenses price in Pakistan. The FreshLook one-day collection includes Gray, Green, Blue, and Hazel colors. Also, these lenses are the perfect choice when you have a busy lifestyle and do not want to spend time cleaning your lenses every day. These low-maintenance contacts do not require sanitization since they are for one-time use only. Besides, these lenses pose a low risk of infection as you do not use the same pair again. 

Monthly Contact Lenses

These contact lenses last for an entire month. You can wear them every day for up to 30 days. However, these contact lenses need thorough disinfection every time you wear them or take them off your eye. Monthly disposable contact lenses have a thicker material to enhance the durability of the pair. You can also buy these lenses in prescription or Plano options depending on your needs. Also, many brands offer high-quality monthly lenses with intense hydration. These lenses can hold moisture for a long time because of the thick consistency. Also, these contacts are easy to wear and take out as they are not as delicate as daily contacts. One of the top sellers of these contact lenses is Bella. This brand features a variety of shades available in the monthly disposable option. These lenses made of high-quality material do not cause any irritation in the eye. Besides, the high hydration level prevents dryness. Also, you can buy Bella contact lenses Pakistan in any color that you desire. 

The customers can choose monthly or daily lenses according to personal preference. Both of these lenses are suitable for the eyes and come with their perks. 

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