The best maxi skip hire Kent for house clearance

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on November 11th, 2015

When you clear your house, for cleaning or shifting purposes, you generate a lot of waste. Getting rid of this waste can be a huge challenge because you cannot just dump it outside your home. For house clearance Gillingham, the best option that you have is in the form of skip hire. With options available in maxi skip hire Kent, there is no chance that your waste disposal will not happen effectively. The skips are designed for this purpose. If you thought that skips are only available for commercial purposes, then you are in for a surprise.

It is said that the best way to remove unwanted objects in your home is to hold a garage or a yard sale - what item is not important for you can prove to be important for someone else. But then, there are certain household items that you don’t want to put up on a garage or a yard sale - you will be embarrassed displaying these items. For such house clearance Gillingham, it is best to get rid of such items and this becomes extremely easy with maxi skip hire Kent.

Most of the items that you choose for house clearance Gillingham can be accommodated in a maxi skip. Since this will be a one-time job for you (you certainly don't clear your house every month - probably once a year), you don't need to use your car or buy a small truck or van. The terms of maxi skip hire Kent are extremely convenient and the service providers are only a call away from you. There are plenty of such service providers in and around Kent and you should compare their quotes and the quality of their service before you make your choice.

If you want to opt for maxi skip hire Kent, then you should know that maxi skips come in two sizes. The 6 yard open maxi skip has a capacity of 4.59 cubic metres (6 cubic yards) and measures 1.22 metres (H) x 2.6 metres (L) x 1.52 metres (W). You can also opt for larger 8 yard open maxi skip that has a capacity of 6.12 cubic metres (8 cubic yards) and measures 1.22 metres (H) x 3.66 metres (L) x 1.68 metres (W). If you don’t think your items will fit into a maxi skip, you can always look at a larger vehicle. In fact, there are smaller vehicles available too but ensure you don’t choose a size smaller than what you require because this will involve multiple trips and more cost for you.

Let your house clearance Gillingham not become a nightmare experience for you. This job requires a lot of planning and one element in your plan should include disposal of the waste that you generated while clearing out your house. You should have a checklist of the items that you need to complete when clearing your house and maxi skip hire Kent should feature prominently in this checklist. Plan well to avoid any issues later on.

Skips offer you the best solution as far as house clearance Gillingham is concerned. For standard clearance, opt for maxi skip hire Kent.

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