Hire an Attorney for California Traffic Ticket: Over Weight Ticket (Truck)

Posted by articlelink01 on November 12th, 2015

The California Department of Transportation have a very strict sets of laws regarding commercial trucking. The rules of weight limits for commercial trucking on local roads and highways are taken very seriously in the department. However, such laws and the harsh penalties that might be inflicted upon the driver are quite convenient. Each year, several roads and bridges are damaged due to commercial trucking. The fine can be directed against the truck driver, the owner of the truck or the company they work for. If it happens that you found yourself facing dreading consequences, as a result of earning an overweight truck warrant, you need to seek the help of a professional attorney in California for your CDL traffic ticket. A lawyer would fully understand the law and will properly deal with it.

There are several things that a truck driver must do in order to prevent himself from getting an overweight truck ticket. Along with tracing your driving time and miles accurately, you need to distribute the loads on the truck evenly. An improper balance in your shipment might cause an unsafe journey, bring damage to your load or vehicle, or even grant you an overweight ciation. You must always bear such instructions in mind; so your business may sustain a comfortable progress.

The prohibited actions that may lead to an overweight ticket are quite a few. One driver might be breaking the maximum weight guidelines for his specific vehicle. Another could be driving a vehicle that does not display its true weight; or the weight limit per wheel is considered to be exceeded.

The fines pertaining to overweight truck tickets are quite detrimental to your ongoing business. The amount of fine varies according to the amount of excessive weight on your truck. The more you exceed the weight limit, the higher your fine would grow. If you have more than 10,000 pounds of excessive weight, the fine would be calculated at 20c per pounds; resulting in more than a couple of thousand dollars fine. The usual fines often range from two hundred dollars to two thousand dollars. As you can see, the latter could be quite harmful. It is better to deal with such legal complexities through qualified lawyers in California for a CDL traffic ticket.

An overweight truck ticket can cause many problems for a CDL driver. In order to prevent the occurrence of career-ending penalties, you need to look for a professional attorney. Lawyers are accustomed with the various laws of traffic in California. You need to choose an attorney with good experience in the field. Your lawyer can reduce the amount of fine you are required to pay. A good lawyer would fight the ticket and may get it dismissed. You may also stand before the court on your own, however the chances of winning the case are quite slim.

CDL Traffic Ticket Lawyers California : California Traffic ticket for overweight ticket truck Attorney :In your driving career, you may receive a CDL traffic ticket such as an overweight truck ticket. If this ever occurs, the first step is to contact lawyers in California who deal with CDL violations. If ignored, the matter could have disrupting consequences that an attorney can prevent.

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