Deadman Mode Money-Making Guide: How to Gain More RS 07 Deadman Gold Fast

Posted by gracedashen on November 12th, 2015

Deadman mode has released to Old School Runescape for two weeks. Are you enjoy yourself in the game mode? There is no doubt that many players have lost a lot of your money in the game, and RS 07 Deadman gold is highly demanded in the game. If you also in lack of OSRS Deadman gold, you can consider buying cheap Runescape 2007 Deadman gold on RS3gold. RS3gold always offers cheap Old School Deadman gold. Besides, here are some tips on how to make money fast in Deadman mode.

Protect 3 Non-Combat and 2 Combat Stats

You should determine which stats you like to protect depend on what you plan on doing in Deadman mode. For instance, you will want to protect HP and Defense or HP and Magic if you plan on being a skiller or merchant. This is because suiciders are a thing so you need higher HP and higher defense. Alternatively, you can also protect magic so suiciders or pkers splash on you more often due to your magic level giving you magic defense. When it comes to non-combat skill, you should pick one Gathering and one Artisan skill at least. Also, you can do two Gathering one Artisan or two Artisan one Gathering.

Make full use of Thieving skill

Thieving is a great way to make money in Deadman mode. Go ahead and get spawn in lumby, get free runes from mage and try and get some hp lvls. To do this method you're gonna have to relax and take your time.

1-20 thieving: Pickpocket men.

20-40 thieving: Tea Stall. ( Steal from tea stall till 27 teas then pickpocket guards-repeat until 55).

55-60: Cake stall (Stack these cakes in bank for food).

60-77 thieving: Ardy knight (steal from cake stall for food).

77-85: Blackjacking.

85-99: Rouges Chest in Wilderness.

It is not that hard for you to make money in Deadman mode if you use the right way. And we hope our Deadman mode money-making tips can help you gain some money in Deadman mode. If you are in lack of OSRS Deadman gold currently, you can visit RS 3 gold and buy cheap Old School Deadman mode gold. You can use the Discount code "TGOLD10" to get 10% off when you buy OSRS Deadman mode gold or other products on RS3gold.

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