star wars:Eckard Lokin: Rejected ? 50 pts, Lokin recruitment

Posted by gracedashen on November 13th, 2015

Now with the stretching of Swtor Rakghoul on Alderaan, players can deploy 4 probes in the Rakghoul tunnels to recruit the Doctor Lokin companion. But at the same time, many players have got into trouble for earning points from the hidden Achievements for Lokin. Here are some tips and information about Rejected, There You are, and Revolution that would help you in the process.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

There You are - 10 pts, find and feed Scritchy

Basically, the difficulty on this Achievement comes from the secret location that Scritchy is placed. Many players failed to find it with multiple searching. Fortunately, this trouble was solved quickly. Specifically, you need firstly go to the military hangar area after recruiting Dr.Lokin, and then find Scritchy high up on the rafters, near pipes in the roof of the hangar bay or above the console screens. This Rakghoul moves around so make sure you check all the ceiling structures. Once you located him, find a small clickable box called Thranta Meat Snack Box on the console next to Dr.Lokin and click it to get the new ability on your temporary items bar called Throw Thranta Snack. Finally, throw the snack at Scritchy to feed him. It will require you to do this 10 times (i.e. 10 days on a single character or less on multiple toons).

Revolution – 0 pts, deposed the King

Similar to “There you are”, this achievement has received lots of concerns since Swtor Rakghoul Alderaan available. Unfortunately, currently there is no idea about how to obtain it. And the methods of bowing to him, and brining Lokin after you have recruited him do not work. It is speculated that maybe this achievement triggers after you complete feeding Scritchy. Still, players have found related information: the King is located by Dr.Lokin’s hut in Alderaan (coordinates: 3255, 974).

Eckard Lokin: Rejected – 50 pts, Lokin recruitment

Killed, refused, or otherwise rejected Dr. Lokin’s recruitment into your alliance (appears you can only reject him, not kill). To reject him, you need to attack him when you first meet him and the the option is given. He will send some rakghouls on you and inflict you with the plague. Do rest of the mission to recruit Dr.Lokin and on your way back from the Sarlaac pit you will be given the option to reject him as a companion. If you have refused/killed Lokin but still want to have him as a companion in the end, you will need to do it on a different character. And it was said that once you’ve recruited a companion, you can't kill him in the future.

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