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With Swtor Rakghoul Resurgence running on Alderaan, it got me thinking. Most of swtor players would hopefully, have ever joined in some calendar event weeks like Bounty Contract Week, Gree and the ongoing Rakghoul, so which one is your favorite? Swtor2credits is sharing some features that players like and the latest calendars for these events. You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits.

Swtor Rakghoul Resurgence event

Now the Rakghoul Resurgence event is ongoing on Alderaan, allowing players to join in a series of quests, earn more decorations and recruit the old Lokin companions. However, some players told that Rakghoul was interesting in the very beginning, but it knockbacks and the stun mechanics get old very quickly. For those who don't know, Swtor2credits tells that the original Rakghoul event was out there on Tatooinie. The planet mobs in the area were all changed for the event, and the planet itself still has the crashed ship as a reminder. Along with the containment officers in all the spaceports that would attack you if you were infected, it felt like part of the game world, not just another side quest. However, the current Rakghoul event seems not so attractive since the instance looks stale right now.

Swtor Relics of the Gree event

Different from the controversial Rakghoul event, Relics of the Gree gets a lopsided love as the mix of pve and pvp. In this event, you can enjoy an open-world PvP, which is largely non-existent outside of it. In addition, you can get the salty newbies trying to do pvp quests solo or in PVE gear. There are cool setting, gripping Xeno fight, awesome armor, and invaluable legacy offhands. What's more, it's once a month so people don't feel rushed to do nothing but that on all your toons to maximize your rep/event token gain.

Swtor Bounty Contract Week

Bounty Contract Week seems to be a kind of minority event, but some people regard it as their favorite event week. It is good, but as far as Swtor2credits is concerned, it would be cool to have a quick travel option like heroics, as some would be too lazy to travel again and again in their other toons.

The latest calendars for three events

In addition to the Rakghoul Resurgence that running from Nov 10 to 17, players can get more activities later in this month and earlier next year. See the information that leaked about the schedule of events until January in 2016. 
1. Rakghoul Resurgence: Starting on Dec-15 and Jan-12 
2. Bounty Contract Week: Nov-24, Dec-22, and Jan-26 
3. Relics of the Gree: Dec-8

Personally I think all events have their own value, but I also wish that Bioware would add more events to the game. And before that, you can mark the date of your favorite event, and buy cheap swtor credits on Swtor2credits to speed your process during the limited time in the event week.

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