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Posted by John on November 13th, 2015

A Gurudwara is the holy temple of the Sikhs. But unlike Hindu temples or wats and Christian churches a Gurudwara doesn't have image of any expert or saint. There will also be no statues or symbols inside. The only object of worship inside a Gurudwara is the Granth sahib the holy book from the Sikhs.

The tenth Guru Gobind Singh experienced decreed that after his death there will be no guru and just about all Sikhs were enjoined in order to worship the Granth sahib the holy book from the Sikhs. The Granth sahib written inside a Hindi dialect of which period called the Braj Bhasa is really a compilation of sacred writings and verses from the Sikh gurus and additionally includes Muslim and Hindu saint's passages.

The granth sahib is worshiped like a god and all rituals are completed by treating the granth since the epitome of the Sikh faith. The holy book is kept in the middle of the prayer hall along with a granthi or Sikh clergyman reads the verses from the book. In addition the book is continued a raised podium having a canopy on it like a cover.

All visitors towards the Sikh temple are in order to first remove their footwear and socks and key in the temple only barefoot. Also, they are enjoined to keep their own head covered. Sikhs will wear the turban or perhaps a small under turban known as the patka. Non Sikhs can key in by covering their head having a handkerchief or cloth or even scarf. No woman would be to enter the temple without having covering her head. Even the Prince Charles experienced entered the Golden temple at Amritsar together with his head covered.

Devotees entering the forehead must remove their shoes and socks in addition to wash their hands as well as feet before entering the actual prayer hall. Woman worshipers will also be to follow the exact same ritual.

After entering within the devotee is to walk for the Granth sahib and kneel prior to the holy book. If he wishes he is able to make a donation within the box that is kept while watching book. After kneeling he may take a round of the holy book after which sit down on the carpet to hear the recitation of verses in the granth.

Sikh gurudwaras are available to people of all faiths as well as castes. There is no bar to anyone as well as a scheduled caste Hindu can pray in the temple. Sikh gurudwaras would be the centre of the Sikh faith and all functions revolve round the holy book. Marriages are also conducted with the wedding couple taking 4 rounds round the guru granth sahib.

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