How To Choose The Right Type Of Custom Wine Racks

Posted by industrialcomputers01 on November 13th, 2015

Wines are a treasured asset for any household. Therefore, they must be stored in the best way possible. This will ensure that the quality and taste of this precious drink is preserved. There is a varied range of racks that one can use to store wine. Read on to get guidelines on choosing the right racks for your home.

Type of wine rack

Wine racks are generally classified into two groups. There are those that store wine bottles in a single compartment and those that have one area for storing several bottles. Single bottle storage racks make it faster and easier for a homeowner to get the specific kind of wine they wish to drink. However, this racking system tends to take lots of space. The multiple bottles system can hold several wine bottles in a small space. Modular Wine Rack Ohio is ideal because you can add more racks as your collections increases.

Consider your home decor

The racking system that you choose should perfectly blend with the general décor in your home. Go for colors that will blend or contrast beautifully with the color system in your home. This way, your wine storage unit will help enhance the look of your house rather than stand out as being inappropriate. There is a wide variety of colors, textures and materials that you can choose for making your wine cellars.

The design

The design of Custom Wine Racks Ohio is important. This is because if your wine is not stored properly, the bottle cork will dry out. This will allow oxygen to enter into the bottle. The presence of oxygen in the wine bottle will result in premature aging of your wine, and this will alter the flavor that was intended. Ensure that you use wine racks that do not deteriorate quickly particularly in humid conditions. You do not want your storage to negatively affect your entire wine collection.


When selecting a custom wine rack, you should consider the location that you will place it. You should set your cellar in the coolest section of your house, particularly the basement. Avoid mounting your wine rack in the kitchen as changing temperatures and sunlight can affect the taste of your wine. You should also install a cooler unit especially for wines that will be stored for longer periods of time. If you do not have a cooler, then ensure that your wine collection consists of wines that will be consumed in the shortest time possible.

Ensure that you choose a storage unit that suits your collection. The capacity you choose will also be affected by the storage space that you have. Be sure to confirm the Wine Racks Shipped Assembled California has before you make any purchases.

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