Embrace the Endurance of the Panther with Cartier?s PANTH?RE DE CARTIER Collecti

Posted by jewelrybrand on November 14th, 2015

Dangerous, beautiful, powerful and fearless – these are the expressions that the panther showcases in the fashion world, especially through high-end jewelry. The big cat has been a long-time symbol of jewelry maker Cartier, who brought the collection back last year in celebration of the label’s 100th anniversary. The line included more than 50 new models displaying the feline in its most fierce and appealing form yet. The inspiration stemmed from visits to Africa and Asia, where founder Louis Cartier and designer Jeanne Toussaint embarked on safaris and hunting trips.

Cartier Panthere Bracelet in 18kt Pink Gold with Cartier LOGODesigner Cartier Fox Bracelet in 18kt Pink Gold with Double Diamonds

Only the boldest women contain the essence to don the exoticism of such a wild, elegant animal. Prominent ladies of Hollywood such as Eva Mendez, Lady Gaga and Olivia Wilde have worn the lavishly mystical pieces from the famous PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER collection. Debuted in the 19th century, the jewelry line was considered avant-garde for its time and continues its legacy in contemporary high fashion. The panther is a timeless icon for Cartier that now appears in many poses throughout their jewelry pieces, forever exhibiting a mysterious and sensual vibe.

If you haven’t yet ventured into the jewelry jungle of Cartier, explore their most captivating designs from their Panther collection. Represent the stamina of the wild with exquisite creations from Cartier’s collection, which are available in our jewelry inventory specials. On the hunt for prey or playfully pouncing, the panther will add a unique edge to your wardrobe with onyx spots and emerald eyes.

 Panthere De Cartier Necklace in 18kt Pink Gold with Colors SemipreciousThree Cartier LOVE Ring Charm with Chain in 18kt Pink, Yellow Gold and Blck with Pave Diamonds

The smooth, shiny surface in the simple design of the Panthere 18K Yellow Gold & Emerald Brooch by Cartier for ,450 makes the piece most appealing. A mesmerizing emerald is set for the fierce gaze of the panther. A perfect accessory for fall, the pin can be attached to nearly any garment.

What other animals do you feel dominate the fashion industry? To shop more models of PANTHÈRE DE CARTIER, browse our authentic luxury jewelry selection in our online store.

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