Tips for Bank NIFTY INTRADAY Trading

Posted by robertjackson on June 3rd, 2021

What is Intraday Trading?

Under this trading, you sell and buy the stocks within 24 hours. Before the market closes, the squaring of all positions is done. By utilizing the stock index, stocks are bought and sold for making a profit and not for investment purposes. However, it is a bit perilous but a great way to make money.

What are Options and Bank Nifty?


Options allow you the trading of shares before the final date. As a seller, you have to follow the transaction guidelines. The terms include buy or sell the share if the buyer decides to use their option before the expiry date of shares. NSE offers trade-in options as the underlying index of Nifty. 

Bank Nifty

Bank Nifty is a group of top stocks from the banking sector. The stocks are mostly liquid and largely capitalized. These bank stocks are traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange). It offers the information about market performance of the Indian banking sector, which tells a lot about the Indian economy.

Nifty stock trading is possible in intraday trading. Investors buy or open their position at the beginning of the day and close it by the end of the same day. You can check out Shyam Advisory for the best intraday tips.

Investment Tips in NIFTY

Nifty is the standard of the Indian stock market. Nifty holds 50% of NSE’s trading stock. It shows the performance of NSE and evaluates the Indian economy. The whole stock market relies on the Nifty, if the Nifty is moving upwards, the market will go upwards and vice versa.


Investing in Nifty and NSE is atypical. Nifty offers you an opportunity to earn profit from the top 50 stocks. Here are the bank nifty tips for investment:

1. Invest in Spot Trading

The nifty script is the easiest way to invest in Nifty. It is somewhat the same to purchase the equity shares of different companies. After becoming the stock owner, you can earn profits from different price movements.

2. Try Derivative Trading

Derivatives are financial-based contracts that acquire their value from an underlying asset like stocks, currencies, or commodities. To settle the contract, the parties agreed on a future date. Two derivatives are available in Nifty for investment:

  • Nifty Futures - Under this derivative contract, both buyer and seller agree to finalize the contract on any future date. Meanwhile, if the price of the stock goes up, you can sell it and make a profit. If the price is decreasing, wait for the settlement date. It can be used as the commodity market tips.
  • Nifty Options - Under this derivative, both buyer and seller decide a price in present and then buy and sell the stock in the future on the decided price rate. The buyer pays an amount to buy the legal rights of the stock to trade it in the future. The buyer can make the decision as per the market value of the stock. It is one of the best bank nifty options tips.

3. Index Funds

It is a kind of mutual fund to increase the market value. The portfolio is designed to match the market index to get the maximum exposure. The growth of Nifty in the last few years has attracted big investors from retail, institutional and foreign areas. Investors either invest in Nifty directly or index funds. These different features make Nifty the most appropriate investment stock.

Investment in Intraday Stock Options

Investors can trade the nifty on an intraday basis. Under intraday trading, the investor opens a position at the beginning of the day and closes it before the closing of the market on the same day. The intraday procedure is the same as the trading in options. Keep your eye on the volume and the price fluctuations of the particular stock. Shyam Advisory is offering the best commodity trading tips.

  • Volume - Trading volume is the total number of traders, trading the share on the same day. The high volume of shares meaning, the maximum number of people are showing their interest in the particular stock. You can check the volume status on the trading screen. Remember, your stock should have enough volume, so you can easily sell it at any time. Shyam Advisory is one of the best intraday tips site.
  • Price fluctuations - You might not find a huge price fluctuation in all the shares. But there are some stocks that can provide you huge profit. Always, buy a stock whose price fluctuations can get you enough profit within a day.

However, most retailers invest in stock on an intraday basis. If you see any intraday opportunity grab it instantly. You can refer to technical charts and price shifts to figure out the timing to enter and exit in trading. All the trading strategies are applied after analyzing the market.

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