Bullying Awareness

Posted by taj on June 3rd, 2021

Cyber Bullying
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BillyGuard is a free service that enables people to take action against bullies to stop them.
We assist people of all ages who are being bullied, harassed, threatened, or intimidated via technology (Internet or phones), to start a process to stop the bullying.
We address bullying at the source. Using BillyGuard ensures that there are consequences for inappropriate behaviors.
When bullying won't stop..... register on BillyGuard and lodge a complaint. This is the first step to stopping it. We use our proprietary tools to stop it happening as quickly as possible.
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Bullying Awareness
If you're being bullied online or via mobile phone - we can help you
BillyGuard specifically fight bullies who use the internet and phones. We have developed proprietary tools that enable us to track and identify those who hide behind technology. Our goal is to change bad behavior and minimise the destructive effects of bullying.
Exposing cyber bullies and making sure there are
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The team at BillyGuard will expose those who hide behind technologies. We track them down, and make sure there are consequences for their actions. Our key goals are to change behavior
Several things take place at this stage which include the bully and the provider of the service they are using. If a third party is involved (or being engaged to mask an identity).

More information:- https://billyguard.com/

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