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Posted by universal translation service on June 3rd, 2021

If you are a translator with over 5 years of experience, getting certified is a good option for you to establish a successful career by providing translation services to people. But some people ask how to become a certified translator free and how to become a certified translator licensed? Broadly, there are three ways to become a certified translator. These are getting certified by ATA, NAJIT, or CMI. All of these three are the associations that provide certifications to qualified translators. But out of all these three, ATA is the most beneficial option. It is because there is a possibility that the other two associations will certify you as an interpreter but there are more chances that ATA will certify you as a translator. Having the opportunity to become a certified translator by ATA is no doubt a profitable procedure but there is a long and complex procedure to it. It requires a lot of hard work and experience to be certified as a translator specifically by ATA.


What are the benefits of being certified by ATA?

Since very few people clear the certification exam, there are many benefits for the exceptions. When you apply for a job after getting certified by ATA, more people will prefer you. You will be allowed to charge higher rates per word for translations. Every year, it costs around 200 to 300 dollars to pass the test. It is beneficial to take part in the test to keep your certification alive. But the choice is yours. Once you have passed the test, you are no longer required to pass it again. Being certified will increase your value in the eyes of potential clients. And hence, you will establish a successful career.


How much does the training program cost?

To make your dreams come true, you always have to pay the price. To make your future bright, you will need to pay 5 to apply for the exam. Most linguistics wonders how they can become certified. Yet, most of them know that they have to prepare for the exam to improve their language abilities and give them the confidence to find long-term clients. ATA’s test is the most popular among all other associations and you can read about their test on their website. You will have to become their member and then send the fee slip and registration to the headquarters.


Useful Tips:

Several tips can help you pass the certification exam of ATA. Some of them include:

  • If you want to apply as a translator, make sure you have adequate translation training.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the languages in which you are fluent.
  • Reading complete instructions of ATA’s exam is beneficial for you before the exam.
  • Having prior translation experience is a plus point for your job.
  • While giving the test, make sure to read the text and the additional information first. Follow the translation process if you want to do well in the test.

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