Fight Your Traffic Ticket in California: Failure to Appear in Court

Posted by articlelink01 on November 16th, 2015

The FTA or Failure to Appear Violation is a traffic violation in California. It is charged against those drivers who fail to appear to attend a scheduled court date. If a CDL driver in California is issued a CDL traffic ticket for a traffic violation, the driver signs the ticket. This means that the driver agrees to appear in the court in the case of an arraignment. An incompetence to take suitable action before the court date and failure to attend the court can result in a FTA. It is always advisable to seek help of an experienced Attorney to handle the situation.

The Failure to Appear in court adds a 0 fine in the form of a Civil Assessment Fee on the original imposed traffic fine. In addition, you may also be prohibited from driving as your license may be suspended. The original violation for which you were issued the CDL traffic ticket magnifies in severity by not appearing in court.

Your reason for not appearing in court might be as genuine as no transportation available to reach in time. But the court considers it as an offence and will issue a warrant in your name. It becomes the right of any law enforcement agency to potentially arrest you and present you in front of the court. However, you can save yourself from such unwanted situations by discussing your case with a knowledgeable Attorney in California.

Generally, a lot of courts do not send a courtesy note of your court date. In case you miss the date, the California DMV is directly contacted by the court and your license is suspended on account of FTA.

As this is a long term process and involves repeated trials in the court, it can be very demanding on one’s time and energy. Thus, it is best to hire services of an experienced lawyer who has fought and defended such cases successfully.

The lawyer will save you from the headache by attending the court on your behalf. They can help you clear your FTA with the DMV. Your license can get reinstated and your fines can also get reduced. The charges can be brought down to simplify the situation with the help of a lawyer.


California Traffic ticket for commercial drivers license Attorney : California Traffic ticket for reckless driving Attorney - If you receive a CDL traffic ticket in California and failed to appear in court, you are going to face terrible consequences. You must contact a skilled CDL traffic attorney as soon as you miss your scheduled court date.

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