What is Hijama Cupping Therapy and it?s Benefits?

Posted by Shajed Askor on November 16th, 2015

A full detoxification and cleansing of the body revitalizes and restores optimal function. Hijama is the age-old art that helps you do just that. It is gaining ground as an effective treatment option for general well-being.

Hijama is commonly referred to as ’cupping’ because cups are utilized in the therapeutic process. The procedure involves making a small skin incision and drawing clotted or congested blood with suction cups to treat various illnesses. Cups are applied to the smooth surface of the neck, back, abdomen, chest, hips, forehead, buttocks, calves, temples, thighs and knees, to facilitate a firm seal.

Modern day Hijama:
Hijama, practiced since ancient times, is quite popular amongst Muslims, since it was recommended by Prophet Muhammad. However, the cupping therapy is now being used by other communities as well. The theory behind this healing therapy is that sucking out the tainted blood flushes out toxic stasis. It cleans the circulatory system, which is favourable for the entire body system.

Originally, a negative pressure was created by a heated horn or cup to draw out blood and pus. Over the passage of time, Hijama has evolved as a therapy for treating other illnesses. The modern day technique is carried out by licensed experts. They have eliminated the traditional method of wet cupping and use sterile plastic cups with pumps of varying diameters to create a vacuum within.  The Hijama technique has shown promise in curing a wide range of ailments like migraines, arthritis, constipation, diarrhoea, blood pressure, insomnia, depression, skin problems, weight loss, hay fever and much more.

When to Cup:
Though, Hijama can be done anytime; practitioners believe that cupping is more effective on the 15th day of a month when the Full Moon is out. The ideal time is around the 16th or 17th day of the lunar month, just a couple of days after the Full Moon. Hijama should be avoided on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday.

Benefits of Hijama Therapy:
•    Sedentary lifestyle and poor diet lead to accumulation of toxins which in turn triggers various diseases. Hijama assists in detoxification and boosting the formation of new blood

•    Another medical benefit of Hijama is its potential to decrease cholesterol levels and blood pressure

•    Hijama was proven to a valuable cure for alleviating lower back pain, stiff shoulder, sports injuries, recurring strain injury, poor circulation, enlarged veins, muscle spasms and hardening of muscular tissue

•    Experts theorise that Hijama done at specific points on the back enhances immunity by increasing the white blood cell count. It strengthens the body’s natural resistance to ailments

•    Hijama treatment reportedly works wonders for digestive and gynaecological disorders and clears lymph blockages

•    The traditional treatment has a positive impact on the nervous system, dizziness and migraines

•    Hijama is known to enhance intellect, sharpen eyesight, regulate blood pressure, lowers stress, and improves memory

The other therapeutic benefits of Hijama include mitigating pain of fibromyalgia, easing tension, treating post-injury trauma, post-surgery adhesions, cellulite and a slow colon.

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