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Posted by tantraolivia on November 16th, 2015

People till date get goose-bumps even while thinking about the idea of a tantric massage. It is officially the most sensual of all massages. Unlike a common spa at the salon tantra massages does much more than just relax your body. It is not just a massage. It is a ritual of receiving energy from outside sources. These energies come in different form. The most common one is the sexual energy. A tantra massage in Dubai provides all the best services that you would want during your special time.

Being on the receiver’s end is the best part about a tantric massage. As a receiver your job will be to stay present to the touch that you are being offered and all you have to do is breathe. You are asked to take a deep breath- first from your nose and then through your mouth. This breath helps you stay in the present moment and also circulates the positive and relaxing energy inside you through your whole body.

As a giver of tantra massage you need to be extra careful and sensuous. This kind of a massage therapy calms your mind and heals your body. The services coming from the experts of massage in Dubai have always been popular and famous for their long lasting massage services. A tantric massage essentially relaxes your spirituality. The massage celebrations massages you on a lot of different levels that you might not know you were capable of achieving. It massages you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. During the ritual the whole sensation of the massage travels through your body and the masseuse passes on the spiritual or the psychic energy usually from your surroundings to you.

Dubai is also famous for its amazing Nuru massage service. The services provided by Nuru massage in Dubai are extremely popular. The concept of Nuru massage evolved a long time back and till date it remains to be one of the most erotic and sensuous massages. It is basically a body slide massage that is extremely sensual wherein the receiver’s body is massaged with the masseuse’s body. It allows you to experience pleasure like nothing else. Other than sensual benefits a Nuru massage also helps people dermatologic ally. Since the whole massage involves usage of body oil it helps moisturize dry skin in people.

It provides deep soothing and cleansing. Right before you are about to begin with the Nuru massage you are invited for a hot water bath. This helps you soften your tired muscles and prepare your whole body for nuru massage. During the entire session you are surrounded by lovely scented candles with gentle music in a nice and clean room. The massage gel that is used for your body is preheated in order to make the consistency liquid and to create extra impact. The masseuse providing these massage services are very professional and know every move by heart. They will definitely show you the time of your life! Go through the site for more details.

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