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Posted by Larry on November 16th, 2015

There are many ways to promote your business and using a practical item such as a logo hat during the cold winter months can be very effective.

As people are gearing up for the cold season, what’s your company planning to do to boost its brand image? Taking advantage of cold weather garments to promote your brand all the way is definitely paramount this time of the year. You need to take advantage of what’s in season to create get effective promotional material.

Prevent your potential customers from freezing by coming up with some cool winter hats which can be used to promote a new product in an innovative way. You can embed your logo on the hat and give it to your customers as a free gift when they buy a new product or try out your newly launched service. Not only is this an ideal product for the cold season but also an effective way to keep your brand in the mind of customers for a long time since tuques can be reused every year.

How to make winter hats effective promotional items

If you are planning on using winter hats to promote your business, one of the things you need to consider is the quality. Take your time to create a product that your clients would appreciate. Make the brand winter hat distinguishable from others in the market so that it can be effective in promoting your business.

You may also consider investing in other items that can be used together with the tuque. For instance, designing scarfs and gloves that go well together with the hat can be a great idea. These accessories should also contain your logo and tag line but make sure you maintain a cool design that people actually want to wear. Incorporate what’s trendy in your hats, scarf’s and gloves if you want it to appeal to a wider audience.

Consider different types of custom winter hats

You have many options as to the kind of logo winter hat that is best for your brand. First, you’ll have to choose colors that are in line with your company. The logo should guide you on what colors to choose for your custom hat. The techniques used to place the logo on the hat will depend on what you prefer but embroidery and screen printing are the most commonly used. Just ensure the option you choose will provide a quality outcome.

You may even consider the custom hats with ear flaps that give them a cool and classic appeal. The ear flap provide a nice coverage and keeps the ears warm especially when the wind blows. They have tassels that can be used to keep the flaps together.

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