Different Types of Hair Loss Wigs for Women

Posted by DeNovoHair on November 17th, 2015

Besides hair transplanting and other hair treatments, wearing wigs is one of the most feasible options to hide baldness caused by severe hair loss. Women who are suffering from acute hair loss are often suggested by their stylists to wear wigs instead of spending hundreds or even thousands on hair replacement treatments. Many women wear wigs to accessorize and enhance their overall style quotient. Instead of styling and dyeing their hair frequently to get a new look, these women prefer using wigs for their versatility and ease of use. 

Wigs have a bad reputation for looking fake and often leaving natural hair or scalp visible behind the wig’s hairline. But wig design has undergone some marvelous changes over the years. Now, a wide array of wigs are available that are indistinguishable from natural hair. They are also available in a variety of materials, each with its own pros and cons. 

Synthetic Wigs

These are affordable wigs made primarily from fibers like nylon and acrylic. Synthetic wigs are durable, machine-made and are very popular. The widely used wigs are brought in premade styles, for example, wavy, straight, curly, etc. High-quality synthetic wigs look like real human hair. They are also called lace wigs. Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Oprah, Jessica Simpson, RuPaul, and many other celebrities use them regularly. 

Besides numerous designs, these wigs also come in a variety of colors. Aside from the classical natural colors like blacks, browns and reds in varying shades, these wigs are also available in modern tones like pink, green, blue, etc. If you want, you can also get your wig customized from a wig maker, you can choose the design, color and also the finish. 

Synthetic wigs can be cleaned by washing them. Some high-quality wigs allow for blow-drying and curling using a curling iron as well. But in general, it is strongly recommended to avoid high temperatures. Synthetic wigs are versatile and widely available, making them a popular choice for all women. They are particularly well suited for women suffering from hair loss as a result of some sickness or disease. 

Remy Hair Wig

Remy wigs are essentially human hair wigs. The difference from regular wigs is the way the hair is stored after it is cut from the donor. It is carefully placed so that all the hair follows the ‘cuticle to tip’ direction. This results in extremely smooth and lustrous wigs once they are processed and made. Many people call these ‘virgin/unprocessed hair wigs’ or ‘wigs with cuticles intact.’ These are mere marketing gimmicks as all human hair wigs undergo some processing (hence no longer ‘virgin’) and the cuticles are removed as a part of the wig making process. 

Natural Hair Wig

Natural wigs are more expensive than the synthetic ones because these are made of human hair, horse mane, buffalo hair and wool. You can get both costly and cheap wigs made from natural human hair, but the difference in quality will be easily visible. The best quality wigs are usually made from natural human hair. The cheaper wigs are made from animal hair and tend to get tangled easily after some time. Maintaining a natural wig is more difficult than others. The animal hair wigs are much tougher to maintain than those made from human hair. Also, natural wigs do not last as long as synthetic ones. However, a natural wig made by a master craftsman provides the most natural look possible. 

Thus, whenever you are opting to shop for a wig, consider these varieties discussed and decide as per the pros and cons mentioned. When choosing a wig, it is better to start at the end and work backwards. Start with the look you want, and then think about which wigs can get you that look and so on. 

About The Author: 

De Novo Hair LLC was established in an environment that paid little attention to the hair loss needs of women. Though over 50% of women experience hair loss at some point of age. The hair loss industry tends to focus mostly on the needs of men, with little resources for women, and especially women of color. A lot has changed in the industry since 2007, and competition has increased tremendously. De Novo Hair LLC, however, has maintained its commitment to providing quality human hair lace wigs to women to overcome hair loss and find fashion solutions.  

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