Tips to Earn Neverwinter Astral Diamonds after AD System Changes?

Posted by goldsafe21 on November 17th, 2015

With the changes to the AD economy, it would appear the way to get the vast majority of Neverwinter AD is to farm dailies/skirms/pvp, which seems detract players from playing new content but forces them to play stale content over and over. So how can we earn lots of astral diamonds for Neverwinter Underdark (will release on Nov 17) and other contents? Safewow is providing some tips to help you earn money even if you are not a good raider.

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1. Sell items drops that are not useful for your character

Firstly, quite a stereotype, selling items drops that are not useful for your character on Auction House. The Auction House uses AD as a currency and you can make a nice profit by selling items here. You can sell unified elements (grandmaster alchemists working 24/7), yeti treats, refinement that you don't absolutely need. However, it is obviously you cannot get enough AD for contents exploring by only selling items. So read on for the second step.
2. Earn benefit from trading items, gold and Neverwinter AD

Earn benefits from multiple trading: Buy underpriced items for astral diamonds, selling them for neverwinter gold, and then buy items with the gold to sell for AD. Repeat this process. For example, buy a lot of castoff rares whenever it was an item whose gold value was higher than their AD value. So if an item was priced at a low price, buy it and then vended it to an NPC. Being in gold is trickier, as you need to find items which you can buy with gold that other people want to buy for AD. You will need to find your own little specialism, but if you carefully and think about the changes in the game at any point in time, you can expect to double your AD total every day.
3. Buy low price items and sell them at reasonable price

When you have 50-100k AD spare, it's time to move into high profit-low outlay items, which were listed at a low starting bid and a high buyout. For example, an item generally worth 800 AD was listed at 20 AD starting bid and 1000 AD buyout. As a result, these items may attract many bids but no buyouts. At that time, what you need to do is buying such an item at a fire-sale price, and then selling them for profit at a more sensible buyout price. Make sure to avoid the welcomed items when you decide to bid since other people will outbid them. Instead, look for those overlooked items which still sell fast, but are not desirable to everyone on the server. Forget winning dragon eggs or epics for 1000 ADs for now.
4. Farm Neverwinter AD or use credit cards

Well, the three tips above are all about the financial tactics here so that even a hopeless raider can use this method to earn enough AD to buy the very best gear for his toons. However, if you are not interested in trading, you can also do the main game contents. If you're at level cap then run one dungeon, one skirmish, one PVP match, etc. You'll get 2-3K for each. Then salvage anything that drops from dungeons, giving up to 4K or so again, but if you're low level, you may need to choose Credit card. Besides, there is another option: use several characters to help just one main.

Finally, it is good news that the officials have answered in a reddit AMA for Neverwinters new expansion – Underdark that they are reviewing all AD sources and sinks, and promised that changes will be rolled out over time. Underdark is hitting PC tomorrow on Nov 17, so if you haven’t farmed enough AD, welcome to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds and fast on Safewow!

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