Iran trade: The future of prosperity

Posted by tedmark on November 17th, 2015

Iran is a prospective and booming economy, emerging gradually to become an important nation contributing towards the world economy because of its oil reserve. 9% of the world’s total oil reserve lies in Iran, which is 150 billion barrels approximately. Moreover, Iran also has world’s second largest reserve of natural gas that sums up into 812 trillion cubic feet approximately. Therefore, it is evident that as soon as the sanctions against Iran are lifted, the country will open its arms wide to contribute largely towards building brilliant economy with Iran trade. Thus, export to Iran will become more beneficial too.

However, there are a few points that must be kept into mind before exploring the Iran trade in praxis. For example, if you intend to explore options of export to Iran, the primary thing is you must gather information about the transportation facilities. All the three modes, that is air, water and land should be accessible. Moreover, to trade, you have to shortlist your comfortable areas and whether Iran has scope to boom that area. You should have proper groundwork done beforehand to know which products are legally sanctioned to be imported and exported.

Next, to know about the taxes, revenues and levies on the products based on which you want to establish the relationship of export to Iran is important. A thorough knowledge regarding the customs sector is crucial too. Thankfully, there are companies today that provide assistance to not only understand the prior stated points, but also help in finding potential partners to build trade and commerce relations. These companies have a client base that can be availed if you take the guidance of these houses to build your business relationship with Iran and dive into Iran trade.

According to the market studies, about 100 billion dollars of assets are in a frozen condition today in Iran. While these assets are today held by foreign countries, it is expected that once the ban is lifted, this large section of assets will become liquid, providing an immense boom to both the economy and Iran trade. To know the future of the export to Iran situation, hence, it is best to take the assistance of the trade analysts. Since you can contact them online too, thus, to correspond and do the ground work of data has become easy. Most of such reputed institutions also provide guidance related to supply chain other than export, import and custom solutions.

Moreover, you can also gather data about the freight services, construction, cement and clinker too with the help of these companies for export to Iran. Mostly, these companies provide five major freight services, namely air, ocean, rail, road and cargo. You can discuss about the logistics regarding which mode of freight is the best suited for you. Iran has the scope to trigger the non-oil exports as well. Granting tax exemptions on goods and services to exporters, refunding custom and commercial duties and profits of units that produce exporting goods, allowing a large number of products to be exported to the overseas market are likely to be the highlights of the Iran trade. So, explore business reaping benefits with Iran.

To prosper, try the booming Iran trade. It is beneficial to build network before you export to Iran.

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