How to identify what is inside the pre-roll joint?

Posted by MJ Mom on June 4th, 2021

One of the greatest benefits of cannabis legalization is that it is possible to buy pre-rolled joints from a local or online dispensary easily. Pre-rolled joints are easy, cheap, and a perfect option for days when you wish to take a quick toke. 

But, buying a pre-rolled joint means having no idea of what is inside it. And that can lead to an incredible amount of disappointment if the toke session isn’t satisfying.

Thankfully, there are a few easy tried and tested tricks that can come in handy in knowing what is inside the pre-roll before you take your first puff. So, let’s see what those are:

1- Ask the budtender directly: Any trustworthy seller will be available to answer all of your questions before you decide to invest in the cannabis product. Similarly, if you buy Cannabis Online, you can come across chat boxes. You can have a conversation with the experts and ask as many questions as you have about the product you wish to buy.

Even if the budtender isn’t extremely informed, just a simple question like, “how is this pre-roll?” will help you gain enough details.

2- Inspect who makes the rolls: The demand for quality pre-rolls is increasing day by day. That is why many cannabis product manufacturers are rising too. Some manufacturers solely specialize in pre-rolls, meaning they are only putting out quality joints. Likewise, even high-quality growers are entering the pre-roll joint markets.

So, if you know that your pre-rolls are coming from growers and companies that are collecting their financial success from pre-rolls, then it is for sure that you are handed over quality products.

3- You will get what you pay: The packaging and price of the pre-rolls also tell the story of the product’s quality. We all know high-quality buds do not just grow on their own. There are various factors involved, from germinating the seeds to finally reaping the plant.

This means the grower won’t let his efforts go in vain. He will definitely charge a reasonable value and sell the product in good packaging. After all, he wants you to come back again for more!

4- Use your nose: One of the best ways of knowing the quality of your weed is by taking a whiff. Grade-A cannabis will have a rich blend of terpene along with a fresh and dank aroma. So, if you come across common scents like lavender, cloves, berry, pine, or lemon, then know that you have a quality roll in your hand.

Signing off

Well, these are some effective ways of determining what is inside your pre-rolled joints. But, if you are still struggling, then there is only one best way of enjoying your joints.

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