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Posted by juanoliv3 on November 17th, 2015

Iran has gone through a lot in the past couple of decades. The entire world sanctioned trade with Iran – the result being losses both for Iran and the other global economics. But the scenario is changing as many of the world powers prepare to life their sanctions because they can see that there is a more realistic chance of trading with Iran now. Iran trade is slowly becoming a reality once again and this fantastic country, home to the famed Persian Civilization, gears up for dealing with countries other than Turkey, China and India and some of the other global economies.

Here are some highlights of why it makes sense for global economies to resume trade with Iran.

-              Iran is 57th largest exporter in the world despite all the sanctions. The countries where Iranian goods are exported the most include China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey.

-              Iran imports the maximum amount of goods from China, India, South Korea, Turkey and Ghana. This clearly shows that there is huge potential in the market and there are newer areas to tap into.

-              It is the second largest economy in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia.

-              It has the 92nd most complex economy in the world.

-              Iran’s population is 80 million, the third largest in the region after Egypt with 86 million and Turkey with 81 million. Iran trade thus allows global companies to penetrate a large market with an appetite for quality products.

-              Iran’s young population is significantly large and this generation prefers US goods, a habit developed during the good old days of Iran-US trade of the late 1970s.

The Iran trade scenario has significantly changed over the years and dealing with the country has become different from what it used to be in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Hence, for those companies who want to trade with the country, it is a requirement that they adapt to these changes. Trade with Iran, as the global economies have matured, has become more complex. When there is an expert to handhold, the job definitely becomes easier.

Your partner for Iran trade can help you in multiple ways.

  1. It can help you understand what products you can import and the taxes and duties you need to pay.
  2. Your partner can arrange for transportation through air, sea and land services.
  3. Your partner can dig into their existing client base and create potential trading partners for you.
  4. With a professional partner, you will not need to worry about complying with customs rules and regulations.

In short, when you are interested in trade with Iran, you need someone to assist you from the logistics point of view. As you can gather from the points mentioned above, logistics here is not limited to only transportation, but also covers other areas, including the bureaucracy. Without a professional partner, your business plan with Iran could turn out to be a non-starter.

Iran trade is coming up strongly. If you plan to trade with Iran now, you could reap the benefits of early engagement.

Thinking of trade with Iran? There is good news for you – many global economies are planning to resume Iran trade and this could open the door for you.

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