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Posted by Polat Farrell on June 4th, 2021

Ancient Greece has been a land of rich culture and heritage belonging to a age of Greek heritage from the ancient Greek Dark Ages into the ending of classical antiquity. This era was immediately followed with the Ancient dark ages and then the Byzantine and the Roman periods. Throughout the last ten centuries, this ancient society failed deep transformations with all the advent of new religions, literary functions, amazing artistic works, and the most crucial architectural inventions. As all cultures alter, so did the societies, social systems, and customs in ancient Greece. The main Elements of ancient Greek society are:
Wise Words ( Σοφά Λόγια) loved a lengthy period of unity. From the fifth century BC, the Greek city states could maintain their liberty once the Romans invaded the region. However, that the barbarianization of this barbarian people shortly altered the character of their Greek community. For the next few centuries, Athens and the other Greek cities were under the control of the Roman military leader, Julius Caesar. Rome eventually absorbed each of the islands in the Aegean Sea that comprised: Thrace, Ionian, Luscious, along with the Peloponnesus.
The ethnic variety of Ancient Greece gave birth into an impressive number of art forms. Perhaps one of the absolute most renowned types of art in ancient Greece has been design. Many city-states produced impressive monuments like the Parthenon (set during the second century BC), the Acropolis (established from the fifth century BC), and also the Temple of Athena Nike (the world's first Olympic stadium). The first structures of those ancient Greece have been basic but necessary for the everyday functioning of their community. As time went , more complex buildings seemed. Some of these incorporated the light house (on Staneikon, close Athens), also the Acropolis (around Syntagma, near Athens), and several palace, temple, and even town arrangements.

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