Putting Some Individuality in Your Advertising

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 28th, 2010

The selection of the right marketing medium is often the most baffling question that businesses must confront. In order to generate greater sales the business must use the appropriate marketing materials with which to showcase the products. But after deciding on which advertising material to use, creating and designing the material is your next concern. It should be clean, crisp and professional looking.

Consider this situation: when a stranger enters your place you consider his appearance at once. If he is well dressed, well groomed, easy in manner and conversation you are generally favorably impressed with him until you know him better to his credit or discredit. Same way with a poster. If it has a happy, healthy, well-fed appearance ? if its content are convincing, bright and written by writers who understand their subjects, if its paper, typographical appearance and general get-up impress you favorably then it is a safe assumption that the poster has character, weight and circulation.

You have read some posters that somehow fail to interest you. It lacks individuality, life and meaning. It fails to catch your attention rightly because it has a dull, negative, sullen influence. The matter of putting individuality in poster advertising is very important.

Let?s say a salesman enters your office to talk about his goods. There may be nothing extraordinary in the man?s manner, conversation or appearance, but in such a short time he was able to fill your office with his individuality and when he left there is a large hole in the atmosphere which he just vacated. Another salesman enters with equally attractive products and prices but because of his lifeless, dull manner he failed to make an impression.

For this reason, individuality is important in advertising as a whole, not only in your posters. Individuality is a comprehensive expression of one?s own self without fear or favor at all times and under all circumstances. In order to fill advertising or any other literature with individuality one must have the creative power in order to fill advertising or any other material with individuality. This creative power should be cultivated, and is absolutely necessary in preparing a good advertising copy.

Even a small sparkle of individuality is enough to lift a single ad above every other ad in a paper, and when this is done a positive result is achieved. Keep in mind that oftentimes there is too little thought put into advertising. So, do some thinking on your own account?let some of the results of this thinking be boldly put in your advertising. Keep right at it, and in the course of events you will find it will pay you in hard cash besides giving you a pleasing fame as an advertiser whose ads are read and remembered, because they are above the ordinary.

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